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Material Culture , Philadelphia , Pa held their sale titled ” The Collectors Eye ” this past Saturday ( March 26th ) and for all intensive purposes from a rug , carpet and ethnic textile perspective at least and according to “Liveauctioneer’s ” posted results it turned out quite well for them .
Out of the 69 rug and carpet lots run across the podium only 5 failed to garner any interest and as for the ethnic textile group 60 pieces out of the 62 total items found buyers.
By any auction house’s standards this a very good turn of events for the crew at “Material Culture” considering there were no standout pieces included in the inventory to create any sort of buzz .
All said and done this sale indicates there is still a modest spark in the mid to low end rug and textile market , that is , of course if the “Liveauctioneer’s” data is accurate !
Christie’s , NYC has an auction titled “The Opulent Eye” scheduled on April 19th that includes 50 lots of rugs and carpets .
Unfortunately nothing in the way of a standout item in either the collectors realm or notable decorator carpets arena.
Just pretty much mid – range to slightly better room size carpets and a handful of common tribal type pieces .
Another lackluster production but check out if you must , you just never know something could strike your fancy .
Heads Up !

Hot off the press a new rug publication certainly worth your time to peruse .


Turkmen Carpets . A New Perspective .

Author , Jurg Rageth .

Not inexpensive at $225.00 + shipping but I just acquired a copy and it’s the most interesting Turkmen publication to appear in the last few years.
Limited copies available and rumor has it they maybe selling fast , so if Turkmen carpets are your area of interest you may want to get on it right away .

21 days till NYC !

Silence !
The day of Fools !
Sotheby’s , NYC has a 2 day sale titled “Collections” scheduled on April 13-14th that includes 41 lots of mostly decorative rugs and carpets and 6 tapestries .
Nothing in the way of a top shelf item of any type in the offering but I did notice one piece I thought was worth a line or two.IMG_1418 Lot # 703 , Khotan carpet . Pre- sale estimate , $ 10-15,000.00 . The piece looks like it’s in pretty good condition in the illustration so it’s a very realistic starting point if it’s not overly restored .

Sotheby’s , London has 2 sales scheduled in April that include a smattering of carpets , kelims and tapestries .
April 21 , titled “Alchemy” , features a few items , nothing particularly earth shaking in the rug dept. but an interesting general antique sale worth a quick look .
April 28th , titled “Collections& Collectors ” , 15 various rugs and kelims and 7 tapestries .
Slightly more interesting but still not a big deal.
And that’s all she wrote in a relatively weak , week!

Server problems have once again disrupted the blog posting schedule , Sheik Frederich ,2016 .

Song o the week , Megadeth , Dystopia on Dystopia , 2016 .

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