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Groganco Auctions , Boston , Ma. has a general antique sale scheduled on Mar. 20th that features 24 rugs , textiles and flat weaves .
Nothing in the way of a standout piece in the selection but as you would expect from M.G. and staff a fairly diversified selection of clean interesting items .
A modest group in size , it does however included 10 mid – range to beginner collectable Sumak and kelim bag faces with realistic pre- sale estimates so if you on a limited budget it’s worth your time to take quick look .
Kerry Taylor Auction’s of London’s Vintage Fashion & Textile sale went off today and they have posted the results of the offering “on the line” now .
Overall the auction seems to have went fairly well for them.
As for the Ottoman Bohcha I featured in an earlier post it sold well over the high pre- sale estimate of £ 1,000.00 at £ 2,400.00 not including the comm.
This piece looked as though it was under estimated and the result certainly indicated that .
The other 2 early Ottoman items included in the group also sold .
In the end a nice turn of events for the well known consigner .
On Feb. 23 John Moran Auctioneers , Monrovia , Ca . held a general antique sale that featured one standout item .IMG_1392 Lot # 1169 , Classic Second Phase Chiefs blanket , circa 1860 , pre- sale estimate $10-15,000.00 which ended up selling for $ 75,000.00 , not including comm.The pre- sale estimate was very conservative to begin with but as you can see this was a very snappy piece and well deserved the much higher sales outcome .Modest damage was certainly not a deterring factor either .A nice upside surprise for the consigner too !

Quiet !
And silent !
Out of town visitors .
And commerce !
Morning road trip .

You want fresh “comments” you got-em !

Concerning the latest “comment” posted on my “opinion” of the “Vok 2” sale let me see if I can clear the air for the writer .
What I said was “initially” I thought part 1 was a superior selection to the current part 2 but after going over the second part numerous times I had reservations about my first take.
This not to say part 2 is in fact equal to or superior to part 1 I just did not want to discredit part 2 to quickly .
Again this is my thoughts and opinion and is meant to be for entertainment and enlightenment only.
So here we go .
1. I still do not see as many items in part 2 that I personally liked as in part 1 but that does not mean I am saying that it’s still not a strong selection .
2. I am not so sure this groups sales total will eclipse part 1’s total of approx. € 1.4 million , but time will tell on this.
3. I think if the writer re-reads my comments in the previous post it might make more sense to him , who ever he or she may really be ?
But then I think anybody in the rug universe knows who it really is , right ?
5. I still feel this sale is gonna be the high point of the Spring rug action season , at least up this point !!!
4. That is in fact , That !

Violence generally gets you nowhere but stupidity can sometimes get you everywhere or worse ! , Sheik Frederich , 2016 .

Song o the week , another 2 fer !
Gloria , Them on Them , 1964 .
Gloria , Patti Smith on Horses , 1975.

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