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The Jan 28th ” Special Sale” at “Nagel Auktionen” in Stuttgart , Germany is live ” on the line” , now for your viewing amusement !
This is a general offering of the “Gert K. Nagel” collection that features 213 lots of all manor of rugs ,carpets , textiles and plenty of other unrelated “antique” items .
I am not really convinced this is in fact a true collection but that's what it's listed as so form your own opinion .
Unfortunately as with all the recent Nagel sales there is not a notable , standout decorator or serious collectors item in the whole group.
There is however an extensive selection of low end , inexpensive pieces , if that's your area of collecting !
To my eye this appears to be another house cleaning sale but it is what it is and since we are in a period of stagnation in the rug world I guess it's worth your time to take a quick run through the inventory . You may see something that peaks your interest.IMG_1368
In the spirit of fair play did find one piece that looks at least moderately intriguing in the illustration .
Lot # 2403 , Kazak prayer rug , pre- sale est. , € 2,500.00 . Previously published in Eder , Bennett Caucasian rugs . Not particularly old but if it's not over restored could be decent !
Silent !
Not much fresh rug world babble , but one small piece of somewhat related news.
The annual “High Noon” auction and show in Mesa , Az. goes off on Jan 23-24 and I consider it to be the first ethnic collectable show of the new year.
It has nothing to do with oriental rugs and textiles but does feature American Indian art and textiles as well as Western collectibles which are still in the realm of ethnic type items so it could be a good indicator of how the collector turn out will be at the beginning of the new year .
Hopefully a good visitor participation and strong sales for the exhibitors !
Quiet time !
The beginning of another 3 day holiday weekend in the U.S. , “MLK Day” , so nothing in the way of action on the docket.
Play offs in full swing !
Long Beach Antique fair today.
Chasing down a lead that did not pay off so that's it for another lackluster Sunday road trip.

It appears the lifting of sanctions against “Iran” will end the oriental carpet embargo to the U.S. , shortly !
How will this affect the semi antique rug market this time around ?
Another flood of mid- 20th century rubbish ?
Your comments are welcome .
The last time was an adventure / disaster !

Keep in mind your life depends on the concept that you never harm a cricket ! , Sheik Frederich , 2016.

Song o the week , Louis Armstrong , What a Wonderful World on Louis Armstrong , 1968 .

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