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The beginning of holiday overload !
IMG_1344Sotheby's , NYC held a sale on Dec. 10 titled “Driven By Disruption” and it featured one very prominent lot I felt worth a mention this holiday season .
Nothing at all to do wth the rug trade but super cool none the less .
Lot # 206 , 1964 ( History of the Universe ) Porsche Cabriolet previously owned by the one and only Janis Joplin of “Big Brother and the Holding Co” and solo artist fame .
The pre- sale estimate was $4-600,000.00 for this classic fully restored car and it ended up soaring to a final finishing number of $ 1,760.000.00 including comm.
Certainly a fitting outcome for such a historic automobile !
Yes , I am well aware this has nothing to do with the rug trade but it doesn't always have to be about business especially with the holiday season upon us .
IMG_1345O K , so back to rug and textile business .
On Nov. 11 Augusta Auction Co . staged a textile and couture sale in NYC that featured one noteworthy item.
Lot # 110 cataloged as Paisley pashmina shawl , early 19th century .
With some damage .
No listed pre- sale estimate , it did however end up selling for a very respectable
$ 37,200.00 all in.
Certainly a surprise for the auction house and consigner , with out a doubt !
12/25/15 The eve of Christmas !

Happy Birthday , Lemmy ! ,
Yes kiddies , Motörhead !

IMG_1348 Holiday road trip!
The day after .
Back to the doldrums till the next party !
Out of town visitors .
Next up , Have a Happy New Year !

No matter , it's good , bad or ugly you need to stay on top of your game at all costs ! Sheik Frederich , 2015 .

Song o the week , 220 Volt , Heavy Christmas on Heavy Christmas , Revisited , 1984 .

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