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Day of infamy !
“Netherhampton” Day , no results yet , as usual !
7 days till NYC .
Out of town visitors .
Road trip Sunday !
Rosebowl , modest score !
Out of town appointments .
One last thing!

J.T. Is back on the clock with a new post on Rugtracker .
All you Turkomaniac's out there are gonna really like this one ,
“Saryk Main Carpet Review “.
Same high standards as his previous posts so make sure you check it out !

The results from the Dec. 9th auction at Netherhampton Salesrooms , Salisbury , U.K. are posted now and it 's another fairly positive turn of events for “Ms Barrett” and the rest of the rug and carpet dept.
Out of the 450 total lots offered only 125 failed to garner any interest.
A very respectable sold percentage of right at 72% .
One unfortunate low light of the sale was that only 5 items crossed over the £ 1,000.00 threshold .
There was also nothing in the way of an upside surprise but once again they still managed to move a substantial amount of merchandise , and in the midst of an over saturated auction market and with the “Holiday Season ” in full swing it's still an admirable job .
So Kudos to the Netherhampton rug staff !
As for the one lot I mentioned in an earlier post , # 504 , the book lot , pre-sale est. £ 1-150 , it did sell for £ 280.00 .
Considering the selection included a copy of McMullen someone got a pretty good deal .
Christie's , NYC , “Living With Art” sale just concluded and it turned out to be reasonably successful for outing for Ms Parker and staff .
A small endeavor for sure with just 35 total lots , however 26 pieces ended up selling which works out to a solid sold percentage of right at 71%.
Nothing notable as far as the outcome goes just a decent final result .
The one lot I featured in the previous post did find a new home.
Lot # 642 , Yomut Asmalyk , pre- sale $10-15,000.00 , sold for $ 18,750.00 including the comm.
It was certainly the high point of the sale , but I did think it would do better .
So it does appear the new owner got a very reasonable deal , in my opinion !

Next for me , off to NYC !

Mr Man , if you can't come up with an intelligent solution to the problem at hand please refrain from procrastinating and admit you are uneducated on the situation and move forward from that point ! Enshallah , Sheik Frederich , 2015 .

Song o the week , Big Brother & The Holding Company , Ball and Chain on Cheap Thrills , 1968.

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