Rapistan Review

Travel day !
Easy, on time , but bumpy in .
Heavy traffic throughout the city .
9 am.
In the beginning it looks like rain.
Where will it go from there ?
4 pm.
Rain really never came into play today and things are looking pretty good .
Everybody I talked to was in a good mood and I saw multiple promising possibilities for tomorrow so it's wait and see with decisions to make , till then patience !
One more thing !
A hot topic of conversation in the market today was the auction last Tuesday , 11/17 at Jackson's in Cedar Falls , IA.
When the sale was first advertised on the ignominious R.R. i went through the the inventory and felt there were to many late insignificant lots to warrant a mention on the Rapistan Review and I still feel that way .
However !
That being said and taking into consideration the weak quality of the group this sale ended up fairly successful for whoever handles the carpet dept. at Jackson's .
The sale consisted of approximately 222 lots and they ended finding new homes for 170 of them.
A sold percentage of right at 77% .
This group was advertised as a collection but unfortunately there were no standout items of any type to support this claim .
More like a rug store inventory .
The sale was also saddled with a hefty 25 % buyers premium .
Rumor has it this house does a substantial business in Russian Icons and that support may have boiled over into the rug portion of the sale ?
In the end though , this sale from a “sold percentage” standpoint topped all the other Auction's of the last 60 days which again proves every “dog” does have his day !
The catalog with prices fetched is posted on Jackson' web site if this type of thing interest you .
Vastly better weather today combined with success on all commerce fronts adds up to another profitable sojourn to the east coast.
Nothing left to do now but pack up for the trip home.
One more minor piece of fresh rug world news.
Groganco , Boston , Ma has a general antique auction scheduled on Dec. 6 that includes 14 lots of oriental rugs , American Indian weaving's and various other textile items .
IMG_1322IMG_1323 A small group for sure but it does feature a couple of intriguing rugs.
Lot # 360 , Heriz cpt. Pre-sale est. $6-10,000.00 . An aggressive pre- sale est. , maybe , maybe not but a snappy face in my opinion .
Lot # 362 , Trans Caucasian cpt. Pre- sale est. $ 3-5,000.00 . Interesting look and possibly older than listed with a scarce design .
The piece warrants a close up examination .
Travel day .
Arrived slightly early , nice.
Back on the clock at O.C.G.
Out of town visitors and commerce !
The beginning of the holiday week and as you would imagine not much happening but if your really bored there is one minor thing to contemplate.
Van Ham Auktion , Cologne, Germany has a sale scheduled on Dec 4 that features 284 lots of all manner of rugs ,carpets and flat weaves.
This sale is a standard second tier European selection of mostly shop stock type merchandise .
Not much in the way of serious collectors items at all.
IMG_1326IMG_1327 However with that being the case and after going over the inventory lot by lot i did notice 2 Chinese pieces with what appears to be decent age and look pretty good in the illustrations.
Lot # 236 Chinese square , pre- sale est. € 600.00. Seems reasonable. The brown pile is ?
Lot # 237 , Chinese square , pre- sale est. € 1500.00. In my humble opinion the most collectible item in the offering .
Other wise this is a pedestrian selection aimed at local novice rug enthusiast's and rug dealers !
Not much but better than a shut out .
More Quietus ?
Celebrate the day before !
National over eating day !
Black Friday ?
So here we go with the year end auction at “Netherhampton Salesrooms” , Salisbury , U.K., scheduled on Dec. 9 , but unfortunately it's pretty much the same as their previous offerings.
Approximately 450 lots of all manner of rugs , carpets and textiles.
As is their M.O. , nothing in the way of a serious collectors item or high end decorative piece .
Just substantial selection of mid to low end shop stock type merchandise.
Year end house cleaning sales are becoming prevalent in Europe lately and this just may be one of them but Ms Barrett and staff have been doing pretty well in this arena as of late so “good holiday luck” to them !
The only thing I found to be of interest at all was lot # 504 which appears to be a good selection of oriental rug books with a very low pre- sale estimate , £ 1-150.00.
No good to anyone but a local because of the shipping costs but if your in the neighborhood and are interested in rug literature this could be a good starter set.
The big one “you all bin” waiting for !
Finito, finished , done , Austria Auction's V is now in the books !
Well , this just didn't turn out the way Udo and the boys were hoping for that's for sure .
Working off the “liveauctioneers” count which is unaudited , out of the 209 lots put up for sale today it looks like only 78 attracted any attention.
If this is accurate it's a sold percentage of just at 38 %.
Nothing in the way of any upside surprises either.
This percentage could improve if Udo runs true to form and works the phones after the sale.
Like I stated in the earlier blog review of this offering I thought it was a more interesting assortment than the previous sale but unfortunately the rug collecting public did not feel the same way !
Rug auction fatigue , holiday's or whatever, it's back to the drawing board for Mr Langauer and staff , better luck next time .
As for the 4 lots I featured in the earlier review 3 sold one did not.
Lot # 24 Tekke carpet , pre-sale est. € 3-4,000.00 . Sold for € 3,800.00 . My favorite piece in the sale . A decent buy for the new owner .
Lot # 62 Lori Pambak , pre- sale est. € 40-60,000.00 . Unsold . The aggressive starting point could have been a factor in this piece not selling.
Lot # 64 Gabbeh carpet , pre- sale est. € 12-15,000.00 . Sold for € 15,000.00. Again a good buy for the new owner .
Lot # 121 Konya prayer rug , pre- sale est. 10-14,000.00 . Sold for € 10,000.00.
Reasonable purchase .
One last thing to end the week.
Rippon Boswell , Wiesbaden , Germany has posted the date for the second installment of the “Vok” Coll. sales .
This auction will be held on 3/12/16 and feature 88 Vok items .
There is a modest preview of some of the items ( 10 ) posted on the Rippon site now.
The first of what we would hope are many rug events in the new year !

Raspberries on your fanny and an uninformed proposition on your mind doesn't make you an expert , you just might need to roll back to the right a bit and understand your mistaken positions . , Sheik Frederich” , 2015.

Song o the week , Halestorm , I Am the Fire on Into the Wild Life , 2015.

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