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Quiet , before the oncoming storms !
The “Kerry Taylor ” Vintage Fashion and Textile sale in Bermondsey , London , U.K. just finished up and the ethnic textile and artifact portion of the sale turned out to be fairly successful venture for them with the majority of the items offered finding buyers.
As for the 2 lots I featured in a previous post both sold abet modestly .
Lot # 365 , Susani , pre- sale est. £15-2,000.00 . Sold for £ 2000.00 , not sure if that includes the comm. or not .
Lot # 367 , Susani prayer arch ? Pre – sale est. £ 6-900.00 . Sold for £ 950.00 . Again not sure about the comm. but it seems like a pretty good purchase for someone out there .
This offering was not a big deal as far as textiles go but still a nice out come for their effort .
Travel Day .
Smooth so far !
Easy in , now we start.
Weather's good.
Here we go .
Although most all the collector type dealers are on the West Coast for the opening of ART's things are looking very good here as far as locating better than average “fresh” collectors items.
All the rug wholesale market dealers I came into contact with today were in a good mood and things seem very promising .
The hunt for decorative pieces is also moving forward in a promising fashion.
First day of the ART's fair so we are off to the races .
Good Luck , to all involved !
All the leads that formulated yesterday ended up working out in a positive manner and a few more appeared so this excursion is turning out pretty good .
As for the ART's fair all the feedback I am getting is positive .
Decent items are being presented and commerce is being conducted so I get the feeling everyone's doing a little business and all's well there.
I have not seen the piece but I hear there is one very good but costly Kazak at the fair if your flush and in the market !
Travel day .
Smooth out !
Smooth in !
What more could you ask for ?
Back at O.C.G. on a slow Sunday.
So what we have to end the week is the results of the Sept. 30, “Netherhampton” sale in Salisbury , U.K.
They did in fact take there sweet time posting the outcome this time and my thoughts were , what's the hold up ?
This time around out of the 487 total lots run across the podium 300 ended up attracting activity . A sold percentage of right at 61% .
Right in line with both the recent Sotheby's and Christie's sales.
Nothing to crow about but a decent result none the same.
Granted this inventory is a far cry from the quality of their inventories but Ms Barrett and staff still moved a lot of items .
Less in value but a large amount of merchandise just the same .
Unfortunately for the Netherhampton rug dept. only 7 pieces broke the £ 1,000.00 level .
The tentband consignment I mentioned in an earlier post did not fair well and the single lot I listed # 339 Arabatchi frag. pre- sale est. £ 2-250.00 failed to find a buyer.
As far as I can see only one item , lot # 428 , catalogued as Verneh , Shadda , with a pre- sale est. of £ 5-800.00 , ended up selling for £ 2600.00 , would qualify as anything in the way of an up side surprise .
All said done a similar result to the previous “Netherhampton” sales with their rug dept. liquidating a large number of mediocre pieces which is not an easy thing to do in a some what soft , over saturated auction market.
So “congrats” to the Netherhampton rug dept. on a job well done !
Parting Shot.
Looks like ART's is finishing up on a fairly positive note.

Life goes on , weather your on board or not ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015

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