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Steve , we remember !
Christie's , London , “Major ' rug production is now one for the record books .
Unfortunately, for Ms Broadhurst and staff it was far from something memorable.
Out of the conservative 123 lots put up for sale only 75 ended up attracting any attention. A sold percentage of right at 61%.
One thing worth a mention , this is right inline with last week's sale at Sotheby's , NYC which logged in at 62% !
As I stated in the earlier review of the sale inventory in my opinion this group was over weighted in fancy Persian city pieces and the more aggressively estimated items , silk or wool pile had a hard time and the majority of them did not garner much in the way of interest.
As for the lot I featured in the previous review it did find a buyer but at a modest figure .
Lot # 101 , Silk Embroidered Caucasian prayer rug , pre- sale est. £ 20-30,000.00.
Sold for £ 27,500.00 including comm. Right in the boundaries of the pre-sale estimate , so no surprises here !
In the end an unremarkable outcome for an unremarkable offering .
Better luck next time to the Christie's rug dept.
Perhaps you might consider digging a little harder and finding a few stellar lots , collector or decorative to get the auction crowd buzzing it could certainly drag the other pieces prices up with them.
One other insignificant snippet of rug history today.
Bonham's , London , held their “Islamic Art” auction today.
Like I said previously this was for the most part an artifact auction with just a hand full of textile items and one Susani which did find a buyer , as did the majority of the textile lots offered .
Concerning the lot I featured in an earlier post , it did find a new home .
Lot # 49 , Ottoman Cintamani frag. (16th century ). Pre – sale est. £ 4-6,000.00 .
Sold for £ 4,750.00 including comm. Right in the zone .
7 days till NYC !
Quiet !
7 days till ART 's , reckless anticipation !
Christie's, South Kensington's “Arts & Textiles of the Islamic World” sale just called it a day and from a textile stand point it was a decent turn of events for them .
Most all the ethnic textile lots sold and as it's been lately the shawl market is still running strong .
The one weak part of the textile section of the group was Susani's .
Out of the 5 pieces put up for sale only 2 garnered any attention .
That said the ones that didn't sell weren't top shelf examples and the 2 that sold were good but not great so the result was to be expected .
Still more !
The Christie's , NYC , “Opulent Eye” sale scheduled on Oct. 21 is available for you viewing enjoyment now , but unfortunately this sale only features decorative items ( 33 total lots ) , so you collectors out there are just out of luck on this one.
Guess the Christie's , NYC rug dept. has no faith in the health of the rug collectors market in the U.S. ?
Out of town visitors !
100 degrees and humid in the O.C. today !
Morning road trip !
Sunday morning intrigue !
Jenack Auctions , Chester , N.Y. held a general antique sale today that featured a number of oriental rugs and carpets one of which was possibly interesting to collectors .
IMG_1303IMG_1306 Lot # 352 , Caucasian prayer rug , mostly likely late 19th century Kuba , pre- sale est. $16-2,000.00 . To my eye a very interesting piece with a highly unusual and striking design.
There is however one caveat that should be kept in mind on this piece.
The detail photo I included in this post shows a close up of a shade of red that could be synthetic .

So here we go , lets just see where this thing lands !
Well the possibility of hot red didn't in any way hold this piece back .
Lot # 352 ended up selling for a very healthy $ 20,000.00 + comm.
Some one out there musta really liked it !
Very nice for the consigner that's for sure.
What a way to end the week.
Only 90 degrees today !

Mental health doesn't rule the day in the world of Oriental Rugs , Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , Bobby Fuller Four , I Fought the Law on I Fought the Law , 1966 .

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