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We start the week with more more auction activity .
This time from the “Palais Dorotheum” in Vienna , Austria .
The sale just wound up and the outcome was certainly far from what they were hoping for.
Out of the 228 lots run across the podium only 89 found takers .
A sold percentage of a dismal 39 %.
Like the previous week's 2 ( Rippon – Nagel ) sales this inventory featured nothing to get the rug world buzzing so it ended up in the same unmemorable ballpark.
Of the things that did sell the action was with fancy “Persian city rugs” and carpets .
Unfortunately this sale did not fall in to the “house cleaning sale arena” so the can't fall back on that excuse .
In my earlier review of this group I did state I thought it was a more interesting inventory than Rippon and Nagel but I guess I was wrong about that !
Oh well , you can't call them all right .
Concerning the 2 pieces I featured in the earlier post both sold , one very well the other not so much.
Lot # 18 , Khotan carpet . Pre- sale est. €'4-6,000.00 sold for € 10,000.00 including comm. I thought this was the best carpet in the sale so the price it fetched was not a big surprise.
Lot # 151 Baluch prayer rug . Pre- sale est. € 16-2,000.00 . Sold for 1,250.00 including comm. I thought this piece would do better but the age may have held it back.
So it's back to the drawing board for the Dorotheum rug dept.
Better Luck next time !
Well we have had 3 “major” auctions in the books so far in this 2015 fall auction season and we are off to a modest start sales wise.
With a combine total of 740 lots offered only 309 found any takers , well under 50%.
Granted these are 3 of the weakest sales of the season and none of them featured any serious pieces of any type but the results are what they are !
There are 3 more upscale sales on the docket this weekend and hopefully the turnout will be more positive.
No , this is not doom and gloom because with the quality of merchandise offered in these 3 sales this type of result was to be expected .
The better auction inventories should garner better results as most everyone I come into contact with is looking to acquire more high end pieces !
Please keep in mind this is just one persons opinion !!!
Quiet !
3 weeks till the next East Coast sojourn ! IMG_1284
One piece fringe rug news to report .
Sotheby's , NYC held a sale on Sept. 16 titled “Images of Enlightenment” ,
, Devotional Works of Art & Paintings and one lot preformed in a stellar manor for the consigner's estate.
Lot # 405 , Embroidered Thangka , 18th century . Pre-sale est. $ 80-120,000.00 ,
( 26.5 “x 36.5” ) ended up selling for $ 1,510.000.00 including comm.
Not a record but a very nice upside burst for the beneficiaries of the W.D.Cole estate .
This type of piece has been know to command serious attention lately !
Still silent !
No worries , 3 weeks till ART's !
Hot humid but no activity.
That will certainly change this week end ?
So here we go .
The first game in today's double header is in the books and the Austria Auction Co's . results are somewhat better than the outcomes of the previous 3 fall rug sales.
Out of the 169 items run across the podium in Vienna , 93 found takers which works out to a sold percentage of right at 55%.
Keep in mind this is “Liveauctioneers” unaudited numbers so they could certainly change.
The sale produced nothing in the way of any real upside surprises mostly just modest returns on modest merchandise , but pieces were sold which is a plus in itself.
Nothing to pat your self on the back about but still a much better turn of events for Udo and the crew at Austria Auction.
Considering the overall mediocre quality and age of the pieces offered not bad , not bad at all.

Minor road trip .

Second game in this doubleheader Sat. is now in the books and so far in this fall auction season Skinner's rug dept. has grabbed the lead in both number of lots offered and sold percentage.
That could change after the Oct. 1 Sotheby's , NYC sale !
Out of the 330 lots run under the hammer only 90 failed to garner interest which works out to a sold percentage of about 73% .
One thing to make note of is that Mr Kearney and Erika do tend to try to work the phones a bit after the sale to get the sold percentage up a bit , so these numbers could change.
Although slightly lower than the previous “Kearney era” sales sold percentages , still at the head of the class up to this point !
Granted most of these pieces were mid -range with nothing as far as a stand out item to make the sale memorable , but sold is sold and it was a substantial amount of merchandise.
One other thing worth mentioning .
Out of the 29 total lots of Kashmir shawl lots only 3 failed to attract any attention.
Any doubts about the strength of the shawl market are now put to rest !
Not a lot in the way of upside surprises but there were 2 worth a line or two .
Lot # 139 Sultanabad carpet , pre- sale est. $ 6-8,000.00 . Sold for $ 29,520.00 including comm. Oversize so the pop was expected.
Lot # Kashmir moon shawl , pre- sale est. $12-1,500.00 . Sold for $ 9,225.00 .
These items are in the midst of a very active period.
As for the pieces I featured in an earlier post 2 sold one did not .
Lot # 85 , Turkmen tentband , pre- sale est. $ 4-5,000.00 . Unsold.
Lot # 154 , Surahani Embroidery , pre-sale est. $ 8-1,000.00 . Sold for $ 1046.00 including com. In the range .
Lot 162 Shahsevan bagface , pre-sale est. $15-,1,800.00 . Sold for $4,305.00 including comm.
I figure the possibility that it was missing an outside main border only affected it to a certain extent , however what appeared to be a somewhat finer weave may have helped the price!
One last piece of rug auction Sat news .
The general antique sale at Southbay Auctions , Long Island , N.Y. is also history .
Not a big deal at all featuring only a hand full of rugs and carpets but the lot i mentioned and illustrated in the previous post sold and sold well at that .
Lot # 178 , catalogued as 2 small kelims and carrying a pre- sale estimate of $2-300.00 .
They were in reality a bug design Sumak bag grouped together with another decent allover design Sumak bag and they sold for $4,400.00 .
Even though it may have had a touch of aniline orange in it , it had decent age and quality so the price it fetched was warranted.
Quiet Sunday .
The Groganco General sale in Boston , Ma featuring 16 rugs and carpets just wrapped up and as far that portion of the auction goes it was a fairly successful outting for Mr Grogan and staff.
Out of the 16 pieces put up for sale only 4 failed to attract any action.
A sold percentage of 75 % .
I know it's a small group but still a nice effort.
As for the piece I featured in the previous post it was certainly the highlight of the rug portion of the sale.
Lot # 221 Sewan Kazak , pre- sale est. $1-1,500.00 . Sold for $6,000.00 + comm.
As as to be expected !
And the week ends !

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