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Rug action request granted !
To start this new week off we have the summer / fall “Rippon – Boswell” general rug sale scheduled on Sept. 19th in Wiesbaden , Germany ” , live on the line” at this very moment !
The offering consists of 260 total lots ( 2 lots withdrawn ) of all manner of city and tribal rugs ,carpets ,trappings and textiles.
Now the bad part.
Well , after going through the this offering a couple of times I don't quite know what to think.
It appears this is a summer/ fall “house cleaning” auction because unfortunately unless your a bargain hunter or beginner there is nothing even remotely close to a serious collectors item or high end decorator carpet in the whole inventory.
This is the first time I failed find at least one lot worth line or two !
One possibility !
Mr Maltzahn could possibly have something else up his sleeve for the end of the year ?
But then again there's always a first time and this just might be it.
As a parting shot , i did not think much of the Nagel auction either but this group makes that group look a little better !

7 days till Brimfield !!!

IMG_1251On April 25th Stair Gallery of Hudson , N.Y. held a general antique sale of the J.T. Butler coll. that featured a hand full of oriental rugs and carpets and one piece turned out to fairly interesting .
Lot # 802 , Chinese rug , 4'5″x 7'1″ , pre-sale est. $2-300.00 . Ended up selling for $ 6,000.00 plus the comm.
Certainly scarce and somewhat earlier than Stair Gallery staff figured it was , a very nice upside burst for the for the Butler Estate !
Well it looks like the fall auction is in full swing now.
The “Palais Dortheumn” in Vienna , Austria has their ” Major” fall rug and textile scheduled on Sept. 21 live ” on the line ” at this very moment .
What you have to contemplate is 228 lots of all manner of rugs ,textiles and trappings .
After spending a few minutes perusing the sale inventory to my eye this group is somewhat more interesting than the Rippon or Nagel offering's .
As you all are aware , taste differ's but the Dorotheumn group appears to have a better variety and a few more uncommon pieces .
Don't get me wrong this is still a pedestrian assortment and it also does not include anything that could remotely be considered a top shelf collectors piece or high end decorator carpet.
That said I did see 2 items that at least peaked my interest.
IMG_1254IMG_1255 Lot # 18 Khotan carpet . Pre- sale est. € 4-6,000.00. Not in the best condition but a good rendition and a realistic starting point.
Lot # 151 Baluch prayer . Pre- sale est. € 16-2,000.00 . Not super old but a snappy design and it appears to be in reasonable condition , scarce too.
As of this date we have a minimum of 14 + featured oriental rug auctions between now and the Christmas holiday season .
Certainly multiple thousands of rugs , both good and bad will be run under the hammer for your bidding pleasure , hopefully ?
With all those sales plus the upcoming Oct. 15th Capri Festival all you rug enthusiast out there have your work cut out for you !
The midst of auction overload ?
Christie's , London's Oct. 6 , “Major” ? rug and textile auction is live “on the line ” now for your viewing pleasure.
This is a somewhat smaller selection than in the recent past , clocking in at just 123 total lots.
After going through the group a few times it left me a little underwhelmed .
Nothing in the way of a stand out collectors item or top shelf decorator carpet included in the sale.
The sale is however overloaded with good but not particularly exceptional fancy Persian city pieces .
In my opinion a very European selection perhaps aimed at Middle Eastern buyers ???
Ms Broadhurst and the Christie's rug dept. have assembled a decent but unmemorable sale , good luck to them anyway !
Only one lot did peak my interest .
IMG_1257Lot # 101 Silk Embroidered Caucasian prayer rug ? ( 17-18th century ? ). Pre- sale est. € 20-30,000.00 . Not something you see everyday !
Another day another auction !
We start this fine day with the next offering from Udo and the crew at Austria Auction Co , Gebirge , Austria.
This upcoming sale is scheduled on Sept. 26th and features 169 lots of rugs , carpets and flat weaves .
After going through the inventory a couple of times i noticed the group is vastly over weight in average run of the mill” Caucasians .
To my eye nothing in the way of a serious collectors item in the complete inventory .
If I didn't know better I would say this is another “house cleaning” sale as they have held this type of sale online before and this feels like more of the same.
If your a serious collector this sale is not for you but if your a dealer looking for a possible bargain or a beginner there maybe an opportunity to be had .
Not an item in the whole sale with a pre- sale starting point over € 3,000.00.
I suppose it is however worth a VERY quick look !
It's my feeling Udo has another more impressive production in the works for the end of the year !

Next up a sale everybody in the rug world has been waiting for.
Sotheby's , NYC next “Major ” sale ( Carpets and Textiles from Distinguished Collections ) scheduled on Oct. 1 is live ” on the line ” now.
So here we go .
M.J. and the Sotheby's NYC staff have lined up the most impressive inventory of items “so far ” , in this fall auction season.
At first glance and 3 passes through the listing I don't think this group is quite as dramatic as their last sale awhile back ( 1-31-14 ) , but with that said its still the best looking assortment up to this point .
The sale consist of 194 lots of rugs , carpets and textiles .
There are plenty of reasonably good collectors items in the offering but nothing as far as a true monster stand out item .
Something to get the rug world buzzing !!!!
That's not to say that there isn't anything that caught my eye .
A small hand full of pieces I felt were worth mentioning are listed below .
Please before you go crazy with my picks keep in mind this my personal taste nothing more ?
IMG_1262IMG_1264 Lot # 23 Chi Chi prayer rug . Pre-sale est. $ 15-20,000.00 . Dated 1213-1795 . Not sure about that date but if true a reasonable starting point .
Lot # 55 Senna prayer kelim . Pre-sale est. $ 10-15,000.00 . In the zone if the condition is good.
IMG_1263IMG_1265 Lot # 62 Kashan prayer rug . Pre- sale est. $15-2,000.00. Unless there are unseen condition problems this is the most conservative starting point in the whole group !
Lot # 79 Bakshaish prayer rug . Pre-sale est.. $ 6-8,000.00 . These things used to sell for big money so unless there are unseen condition issues this is again a very reasonable starting point !
Hope fully M.J. and staff have put together a selection that has something for everyone and the sale does well providing a well needed spark to the U.S. rug buying public !
Preparations for the fall Brimfield excursion in full swing !

The proof may be in the “puddin” , but don't be so quick to eat it ,you just never know , Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , Arch Enemy , As the Pages Burn on War Eternal , 2014.

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