Rapistan Review

The results of the general Summer Fine Arts auction at “Tennant's” of North Yorkshire , U.K. on July 17th and 18th are available for your viewing pleasure now .
I assume you are aware that as far as rugs and textiles go it was a fairly small selection , just 31 items of which only 7 failed to sell.
This does however work out to a very positive sold percentage , right at 78%.
A decent result for a 2nd tier auction house presenting a small lackluster selection in the midst of the summer doldrums .
As I stated in an earlier post there was nothing particularly notable in the offering but one piece was a minor up side surprise .
Lot # 845 , “Bukhara” Susani” , pre- sale est. £ 15-2500.00 , which I featured in an earlier post sold for £4,000.00.
Not earth shaking but certainly the high point of the rug portion of the sale !
It's like a silent sauna , today ?
Stuck with plenty of humidity but no commerce !
Quiet !
More of the same .
On going nothingness ?
The end of one of the slowest , quietest weeks of the year , up to this point !
But never fear once we hit Sept. there are no less than 8 count'em , 8 major rug auctions in the works including 2 from the “world famous” Sotheby's .
One in London and one in NYC .
Nice their getting back in the game and it appears in a big way too.
Could provide a boost to the rug market in the U.S. , which it sorely needs ?
I am certain this list will grow ,down the road .

And last but not least !
10 days till I.C.O.C . , Washington , D.C.
Stay cool if your going !

Psy-opp's it's the rug world mind field ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , The Rods featuring “Veronica Freeman” , Smoke on the Horizon
, single , 2015.

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