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Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 12.41.49 PMWe are gonna start this new week with another one in the books for the Bonham's , L.A. rug dept. and not a bad turn of events either !
Out of the 283 total lots of rugs and carpets run under the hammer only 127 failed to attract any attention .
This works out to a sold percentage of right at 56%.
Not terrible but hardly anything for the rug dept. to brag about either .
It is however slightly better than their usual results.
As I stated in an earlier post this group consisted of nothing better than “run of the mill “dealer type shop stock , so a “run of the mill” outcome was to be expected.
For an auction house with the history that Bonham's / Butterfields has you would think that they could come up with some more notable pieces to up their game a bit but they have not included a serious item of any type for years !
We can only hold out and hope !
Silence !
Netherhampton Day !
Nothing in the way of results yet.
Out of town visitors and commerce !
Quiet .
IMG_1226In a most timely fashion the rug dept. at Netherhampton Salesrooms in Salisbury , U.K. has posted the results from their July 15th rug auction.
Out of the 359 items passed under the gavel only 134 failed to find new homes.
This ends up being a sold percentage of right at 63%.
Slightly less than their May 20th sale which posted a sold percentage of about 67% , and far from a screaming success but still pretty good.
That said and considering it's the dog days of Summer “and” the quality of the bulk of the pieces offered were low end a reasonably decent return for the Netherhampton rug dept.
Yes I am aware most of this stuff that sold , sold “on the cheap” but sold is still sold and at this time of the year all sales are certainly welcome !
One unfortunate highlight of the sale is that only 4 lots brought £ 1,000.00 or more , certainly not something the rug dept. expected !
Another thing worth noting , nothing even close to an up side surprise in the whole sale.
As for the lot I featured in an earlier post it did find a new home abet at what could be a fairly good price for the new owner.
Lot # 394 Caucasian rug , pre- sale est. £ 15-2,000.00 . Sold for £ 1,350.00 . Either it had problems not visible in the illustration or someone got a good buy !
Don't you just know when you don't expect rain and thunder storms !
This day ends with a welcome burst of commerce .
Minor road trip .
Long Beach Sunday .
Hot , humid and with more rain on the horizon .

When monkeys rule in “Monkeyville” only monkeys will get ahead ? , Sheik Frederich, 2015.

Song o the week , Veruca Salt , Seether on American Thighs , 1994.

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