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Heading into summer the doldrums begin !
Will saints be praised !
Austria Auction Co . has posted their audited results from the May 9 auction including the “Munkacsi” collection .
Well , as I expected Udo and his band of magic men were busy working the phones once the auction was over and managed move a few more items .
So here we go .
The day of the sale “Liveauctioneers” posted 101 total pieces sold out of the 224 items offered and now that number of the items sold has bounced up to 116 .
A decent but not overwhelming advancement , keeping in mind anything is better than nothing !
That propels the sold percentage up to right about 52%, a reasonable improvement from the previous , approximate and rather dismal 45%.
Most all the lots that sold after the auction were from the “Munkacsi” consignment , including a hand full of the more expensive S Group pieces .
This is certainly good news for Mr Munkacsi and of course the Austria Auction Co.
After all , it's sort of all's well that ends , pretty well ?
Right !
Light but fresh rug world news !
“Leclere” Auction house , Marseille , France has a specialized rug and carpet auction scheduled on June 18th.
Although this is a catalogued sale it consist of just 94 total lots from the majority of the prominent weaving regions.
Most of the items in the group appear to be in reasonably good condition but unfortunately there is nothing in the way of an exceptional piece of any type included in the sale .
The best pieces in the inventory seem to be turn of the century Persian city rugs.
One more minor detail.
At the end of the offering they have included a few tapestries which are possibly the most valuable things in the sale.
For the most part it appears to be “dealer type” shop stock in ready to go condition.
Nothing to get excited about but in a slow week worth your time to take a quick look , you just never know .
IMG_1182IMG_1183With out much to blog about I listed 2 lots that are at least mildly attractive .
Lot # 26 , Talish carpet , Pre-sale est. € 6-8,000.00 . Nothing great but it's a slow week .
Lot # 35 Kasak carpet , Pre-sale est. € 1.5- 2,000.00 . Nice square format , but late.
Quiet and Gloomy !

TGIF Googler's !
Rippon-Boswell day !
Unaudited results from today's “Rippon-Boswell” rug auction are posted on Liveauctioneers now !
Unfortunately for the Rippon staff this sale did not turnout like their “Vok Collection” auction a few weeks ago.
Out of the 235 items put up for sale only 97 found buyers up to this point . This works out to a sold percentage of right in the neighborhood of 41 %.
One would assume Mr Maltzahn and crew will be hard at work on the phones next week to improve the sale results !
The audited result post in a couple of weeks will certainly fill in the blanks as did the one from Austria Auction Co.
Detlev does take his sweet time on this count !
Something of a long day for the Rippon staff , for sure !
For the most part the items that sold were within their pre- sale ranges but one lot # 145 , Lotto carpet , pre-sale est. € 4,6-4,700.00 sold for € 16,000.00 . A welcome upside bump for the consigner .
Another lot # 137 , Lakai Susani . Pre-sale est. € 5,9-6,000.00 ,sold for € 17,000.00 . On the heels of the “Vok” sale another nice pop up but still not enough help to rescue a very mediocre sale result .
As for the one big ticket item included in the sale , lot # 100 , Silk Heriz , pre- sale est. € 41,900.00- 42,000.00 , it failed to garner any interest . Not a real shocker with that kind of starting point !
I featured 2 lots in a previous post , one sold , one did not .
Lot # 125 , Transylvanian prayer rug. Pre-sale est. € 9,9-10,000.00 . Unsuccessful in finding a new home. Restoration may have hurt the salability of this piece !
Lot # 160 , Shahsevan mat. Pre-sale est. € 4,6-4,700.00 , sold for € 10,000.00.
I felt the pre- sale est. was a little on the aggressive side with the obvious damage but apparently others did not . A nice upside surprise for the consigner in an other wise dull offering .
Certainly the most interesting and collectable piece in the whole sale .
With all that said back to the drawing board for the Rippon rug dept. as we wait for the next installment of the “Vok Collection to surface .
Sunday , road trip , Sunday !

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