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Memorial Day Holiday !
More auction activity to constipate an already very over loaded auction arena !
Christie's , NYC has another of their “Connoisseur' s Eye” sales scheduled on June 2 .
On this occasion the offering features 76 lots of rugs and carpets and 16 lots of classic tapestries .
Nothing in the way of serious collectors items in the the group but a few earlier carpets .
The majority of the pieces in the sale are room size decorative pieces so if that's your area of interest take a quick look there could certainly be something up your alley.
Sotheby's , London's , “The Duchess” sale just wrapped up and from a rug and textile stand point it worked out very well for them .
As usual with these one owner estate offerings all the pieces put up for sale sold and most sold over their pre- sale estimates .
There was one lot that was something of an upside surprise.
2015-05-27 10.57.31Lot # 206 , Room size 19th century Agra carpet . Pre- sale est. £15-25,000 00 . Sold for £ 75,000.00 including the comm . A very modest starting point for a very sought after decorative carpet so the end result was to be expected .
As for the items I featured in an earlier post all 3 sold very well.
Lot # 274 , Salor main carpet. Pre- sale est. £ 8-14,000.00 . Sold for £ 27,500.00 including the comm. As expected .
Lot # 400 , Tashkent Susan group . Pre- sale est. £ 1,2- 1,800.00 . Sold for £ 15,000.00 including comm. Again no surprise on the outcome.
Lot # 401,Textile group . Pre- sale est. £ 3-500.00 . Sold for £ 2,750.00 including comm. Like I stated in the earlier post this lot looked like it could be a bit of a sleeper .
I guess the online illustration did not quite tell the whole story !
In the end a minor but very positive outcome for the Sotheby's rug dept.
Took awhile but “Netherhampton Salesrooms” finally posted the results of their May 20 carpet auction .
So here we go , from a sold percentage standpoint the sale went somewhat better for them than there last few offerings .
Out of the 433 items run under the hammer 290 found new homes . This works out to a sold percentage of about 67%.
That's the positive part.
Unfortunately only 12 lots breached the £ 1,000 barrier.
There was however one piece that was the high point of the sale.
Lot # 16 Agra carpet , pre- sale est. £ 10-15,000.00 ended up selling for £ 19,000.00. I can't recall a piece selling at Netherhampton at this level in recent history .
The group also included a couple of noteworthy upside surprises .
Lot # 280 , East Turkestan rug , pre- sale est. £ 3-500.00. Sold for £ 3,000.00.
Lot # 374 , Tekke carpet , pre-sale est. £ 450-650.00. Sold for £ 2420.00.
Rare occurrences at this auction house for sure but a nice turn of events for Ms Barrett and staff.
In the end most of this stuff sold on the inexpensive side but still a lot of merchandise was relocated so “congrats” to the Netherhampton rug dept. !
ART'S Boston opening day.
Good Luck to all involved !

For a change fresh rug collectors news !
John Taylor at “Rugtracker” has been under the radar for pushing 6 months or so but has now resurfaced with a “great” new post titled ” Lineage VI ” Afshan .
This is an extensive body of work on this design and well worth your time to check out !

First feed back from the ART'S fair in Boston are that its a little on the slow side .
Hopefully for all involved it picks up !
Alls quiet on the western O.C.G. front on this last day of the month .
Unfortunately guess it turning out the same at ART's , Boston too.
Apparently there was only modest opening crowd and actual business was on the scarce side but still a good effort on the part of Wayne and B.B.
Better luck next time if there is in fact one .

You begin your life in a race to the finish line , take your time and make the most of it ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015 .

Song o the week , Crucified Barbara , Lunatic # 1 on In the Red , 2014.

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