Rapistan Review

We start the new week with additional auction activity.
Rippon- Boswell's ” Major Spring” sale scheduled on June 13 is live “on the line” now.
This time out Mr Maltzahn has put together a group of 235 lots from most all most all the weaving areas that includes rugs , carpets , flat weaves and a hand full of textiles .
Unfortunately for the “Rippon” rug dept. there is nothing “major “about this particular offering.
Don't get me wrong there are plenty of better items for you to consider but nothing in the way of a real star piece in the whole sale.
That said in the spirit of fair play I did notice two entries that are at least somewhat interesting.2015-05-23 13.01.55 2015-05-23 13.00.13

Transylvanian prayer rug .Lot # 125 .Pre-sale est. € 10,000.00 . Outside vertical borders rewoven which is why it carries a modest pre- sale estimate but it still has a nice face and good age.
Lot # 160 , Shahsevan mat . Pre- sale est. € 4,700.00 . Easily the most interesting collectors item in the group .
However , with the obvious damage it does possibly have an aggressive pre- sale estimate and may be burdened with a high reserve ?
In the end a nice selection of obtainable pieces but nothing out of the ordinary !
Fortunately or Unfortunately this is the last ” MAJOR” rug auction till the Fall so smoke”m if you got “em” .
If you drop the ball , tough luck !
Multiple visitors at O.C.G.
Sadly nothing in the way of commerce , but interesting rug world B.S.and possibilities !
Onward and of course upward !
Netherhampton Day , nothing in the way of results yet!
Quiet !
Here we go with the extended “Memorial Day”, holiday weekend . 4 days of raucous partying !
7 days till Art's , Boston , anticipation builds !
Good Luck , Wayne and B.B.!
Out of town visitors but no action .
Sunday silent , holiday Sunday !
Never fear though ,the Indianapolis 500 “comin” at you live !
Summers comin , gettin slow !
2015-05-24 17.46.36 Time will tell , until then be patient ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , The Rods , Smoke On the Horizon ,( featuring Veronica Freeman ) single , 2015 .

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