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Via Con Dios , Dave Goldberg , Your inspiration will certainly be Remembered !
Cinco De Mayo !
“O” Goody … “Rugrabbit” is back from the dead ?
Other than distressing news from “Germany” a very quiet week as far as rug business news goes !
Can you believe it !
Rain in the O.C.
24 hours till Munkasci / Austria Auction Co.sale.
How can you stand the wait ?
Since this is a slow week I decided to post another “hater” comment for your amusement !
Same font I have been using for years so I don't understand the comment but cute anyway.
This “jokers” still hiding behind lame as*ed fake e-mail addresses , ball-less
I guess .
Grow a pair.
What ever !
So here we go with the unedited results from today's Austria Auction Co. / “Munkasci” sale .
The first portion of the auction consisted of a decent selection of items from all the various rug weaving areas .
87 total lots of which only 40 found buyers .
This worked out to a sold percentage in the neighborhood of 46% .
A difficult outcome to say the least .
Next up the highly anticipated “Munkasci” collection .
Unfortunately for Mr Munkasci it did not fair so well.
Out of the 137 pieces run under the hammer only 61 ended up selling.
A sold percentage right at 45%.
Hardly the result they were looking for.
In the end this appears to be a somewhat costly and work intensive project for the Austria Auction co. with a very mediocre return on their effort.
Hopefully for Mr Munkasci's sake , Udo and staff can work a little after sale magic on the unsold lots and improve the sold percentage !
As for the items I featured in a previous post 2 sold , one did not.
Lot # 30 , Caucasian rug frag , pre- sale est. € 12-15,000.00 , failed to attract any interest. My favorite piece in the sale but that and a nickel still won't get you an exotic happy hour beverage !
Lot # 64 , Caucasian embroidery , pre- sale est. € 20-25,000.00.
Sold for € 20,000.00. Right at the low estimate . Unsure if that includes the comm.
I really felt this piece would do better .
Was it already flogged around the market ?
As for the piece I featured from the “Munkasci” collection , lot # 217 , Saryk ensi , it also found a new home . The pre- sale est. was € 18-24,000.00 and it sold for € 20,000.00 , within in the pre-sale zone.
I have to say that when I first got a look at this collection I didn't have a good feeling about how it would turn out for Mr Munkasci.
I did “Not” mention my thoughts before the sale as to not jinx the outcome !
Some of the better items had fairly aggressive pre- sale estimates and there was plenty of “run of the mill” merchandise in the selection too.
Perhaps more items than the Turkmen collectors market can absorb at one time !
Spreading it out over a few sales could have certainly made a difference in my humble opinion.
I also get the feeling that Mr Munkasci did not curate the collection.
Possibly never selling off the less important pieces and adding to the high end (upgrading ) , maybe , maybe not ?
Instead keeping everything he bought even if it had little or no importance in an advanced collection.
O K , so don't go crazy after you read this , it's just an observation and opinion not a critique !
Rosebowl Sunday !
Happy Mothers Day , to all you mothers out there.

Bad news from Germany .
My brother in the rug world , Michael Craycraft has passed over to the other side .
Rest in Peace we will not forget you !

Next up , Brimfield .

Must be difficult being jealous when “no-one” knows who you are ? , Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , Ratt , Nobody Rides for Free on Very Best of , 2007.

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