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Happy B- Day , Guy Fawkes , 4-13-1570 !

After all the action in the auction arena in the last few weeks looks like we are gonna take break till this weekend .
This is most likely a good idea since it will give everybody out there time to regroup and think about what's happening in the rug and carpet market !
7 days till NYC .
Tax Day in the U.S.A. !
Not much to rant about at O.C.G. today , however if you are in London this evening LARTA opens at 6 pm.
If your not a large portion of the items available for purchase are posted on the LARTA website .
Looks like a decent group of pieces.
Check it out , there might be something that suits your fancy .
Good Luck to all the exhibitors !
Rippon Boswell , “Vok” sale update .
As I figured Mr Maltzahn was active after the sale concluded and a couple of more items ended up finding new homes bring the sales total to 84 out of the total 88 lots offered . This kicks the sold percentage up to right at 95%.
Let's just see if Mr Maltzahn can work a little more post sale magic and kick the total up to 100% ?
Granted this was a specialized , modest size sale but certainly a great turn of events for Mr Vok and probably one of the best results in the history of Rippon – Boswell .
One thing worth noting .
There was chatter in the rug universe of the kelim market being some what soft and the possibility it could effect the out come of the sale.
It appears that if the pieces are above average the kelim market is just fine !
That said a tip of the hat to Mr Maltzahn and the rug dept. staff on a job well done.
As for the 4 items I featured in an earlier all found new homes.
Lot # 34 , Lakai Susani , pre- sale est. € 45-55,000 , sold for € 48,800.00 including comm. Right in the zone .
Lot # 61 , Nigde Kelim ,pre -sale est. € 7-9,000.00 , sold for € 12,000.00 not including comm.
Lot # 67 , Shakhrisyabz Susani , pre-sale est. € 35-45,000.00 , sold for € 36,000.00 including the comm. Sold right after the sale and again right in the zone.
Lot # 68 Zarafshan Susani , pre- sale est. 15-18,000.00 , sold for € 19,000.00 not including comm.
Long Beach Antique market tomorrow and and a brief road trip.
The Austria auction Co . online warehouse sale just wrapped up and for all intensive purposes it was far from a raging success for Udo and staff.
Unfortunately out of 189 lots offered only 63 found takers. A sold percentage of just under 33%. A lot of work for not so much of a return .
As I mentioned in an earlier post the group was loaded with kelims and other flat weaves and they did not fair well , at all.
IMG_1139There was one substantial upside surprise included in the Turkmen's in the offering .
Lot # 86 , catalogued as “Turkmen juval” pre- sale est. € 2-2,500.00 , sold for € 18,000.00 . Fragmented but early and great looking so a price well deserved .
Nice for the consigner but one piece does not a successful sale make.
Better luck to the highly regarded “Austria Auction Co” on May 9 for their “major” sale.
As its been in Cali lately. the same at the Long Beach fair today , a dry well .
So the week ends on a quiet note!

Do unto others as they just might deserve it ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , Body Count , There Goes the Neighborhood on Body Count , 1992 .

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