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Silent start .
You want action you got it !IMG_1091
Rippon- Boswell's “Vok” coll. sale scheduled on April 11 in Wiesbaden , Germany is live “on the line ” now , for your viewing pleasure !
What have to look forward to is pt.1 of certainly a highly anticipated auction of a very well known and admired group of susani's , flat weaves and sumakh's .
This first portion is a cross section of 88 items from all the “Vok” collection publications.
Going over the sale inventory I noticed a notable amount of the best pieces in the collection are not included , most likely held back for pt. 2 .
Possibly to see how the first portion fairs in this spotty rug market ?
Flat weaves and textiles are considered a secondary part of the general rug market “in my opinion” so it's seems to be a smart play to split it up over a period of time .
Avoid overload .
The Vok collection stands on its own as far as its importance and quality so hopefully it does well for Mr Vok and adds a needed spark to the oriental rug market in general !
This auction will probably stand as a reference on Susani / flat weave prices for the foreseeable future.
It will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of 2015 in the rug and textile auction world .
One thing worth noting .
The pre- sale estimates are up to speed on everything in the session and somewhat aggressive on the best susani's included in this first selection .
That said I have listed 4 lots that caught my eye below .
My taste my picks !
Critics are always invited !!
IMG_1096 IMG_1098Lot # 34 , Lakai Susani , pre- sale est. € 45-55,000.00.
An aggressive but deserved pre-sale estimate .
Lot # 61 , Nigde kelim , pre – sale est. € 7-9,000.00.
This type of kelim has always been one of my favorites and great colors ta boot .
Shakhrisyabz susani, lot # 67, pre – sale est. € 35-45,000.00.
Again great character , design and color .
Lot # 68 , Zarafshan susani , pre – sale est. € 15-18,000.00.
What can I say , my favorite piece in the whole sale and buy able too !
Sotheby's , London has their Spring “Arts of the Islamic World ” sale scheduled on April 22 this year.
As usual not much in the way of oriental rugs but there are 14 fairly interesting early Islamic textiles in the offering , if that's your cup of tea !
They have however included 1 oriental carpet and its a reasonably important item as far as I can figure .
IMG_1102IMG_1103 Lot # 190 , The Holms Hepburn Coronation Carpet , 17th century. The piece a has an interesting provenance and sports a pre- sale est. of £ 100 – 150,000.00 . You have to think this will garner plenty of interest from the Arabic museum crowd !
I also found one of the textile lots to be quite intriguing.
Lot # 95 , Ottoman silk & metal thread bag , early 19th century . Pre- sale est. £ 10-15,000.00 . Again most likely for the same group of buyers .
Still a pretty cool item.
And the hits just keep on rolling !
Next up we have the Christies “major” Spring rug and carpet sale .
The auction is on the docket , April 22 in London , of course !
This time around the sale features 194 lots of all types of rugs , carpets and various textiles and I have to say there are more than a few fairly noteworthy items .
As usual the group is loaded with “fancy city pieces .
That said Ms Broadhurst and staff have managed to locate and include a fair number of good and interesting collectors pieces .
A couple of pieces that really caught my eye are featured below but you certainly need to check out the whole inventory of items , it's worth your time.
IMG_1106IMG_1107Lot # 100 , Mongol Empire flat weave carpet . 13th-14th century . Pre- sale est. £ 500-700,000.00 . Never seen one , should create a stir !
Lot # 101 , Kasghar carpet frag. Pre-sale est. £ 12-16,000.00 . My favorite piece in the sale , if it matters !

The quiet before the Skinner's storm tomorrow !

10 am .
The Skinner's sale is underway and its started off in a positive mode but as we all know it's not where you start it's where you finish .
2:40 pm.
Skinner's sale just wrapped up and for all things considered Mr Kearney and staff just pitched another winner .
Out of the 335 lots run under the hammer only 56 failed to find buyers . That works out to a sold percentage of its over 83% . This was far from an important sale by any stretch of the imagination but they still moved a lot of merchandise in the first big sale of the year in the U.S.
So a tip of the hat to the Skinner's rug dept.
As for the lot I featured in an earlier post it sold well over its pre- sale estimate.
Lot # 129 Beshir prayer rug , pre- sale est. $ 2-3,000.00 , brought $ 6,765.00 including the juice .
You have to figure it was not a modern copy after all !
One other Turkmen piece worth mentioning was lot # 131 Tekke “animal tree” ensi .
It carried a pre- sale est. of $8-10,000.0 and sold for $ 8,610.00 including the comm. . It would probably have brought more but it was passed around the market for awhile before it was run through this auction !
One substantial upside surprise was lot # 150 ,Chinese “Hundred Antiques”rug .
The pre- sale est. was a very conservative $ 3-3,500. and it ended selling for $35,670.00 including the juice . A nice turn of events for the consigner that's for sure.
There are a few other side bumps you can check out on the posted results !
Out of town visitors and minor commerce , if it matters .

Patient or impatient , that's the question and it always controls your life ! Sheik Frederich , 2015 .

Song o the week , Venom , Long Haired Punks on From the Very Depths , 2015.

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