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One more thing .
Happy Birthday , Steve Jobs , your legend lives on !

Today's sale titled “Of Royal and Noble Decent ” at Sotheby's , London has just wrapped up and as far as the rug and tapestry portion of the offering goes it went very well for them.
Out of the 10 rugs and carpets and 3 tapestries run under the hammer only one rug failed to find a buyer .
Not a big deal by any stretch of the imagination but it does indicate a spark of life in a slow rug market.
As for the lot I featured in an earlier post it was the only real upside surprise included in the group.
Lot # 221 , Isphahan rug , 17th century. Pre- sale est. £ 7-9,000.00 , sold for £ 27,500.00 . I felt this piece had a very realistic pre- sale estimate and looked good in the illustration .
And apparently it was even better in person !
Great weather , no action.
That will change as the week progresses !
Sotheby's update !
The sale titled ” Carpets from Distinguished Collections” scheduled on March 25 , 2015 has been postponed till October 1st , 2015.
Looks like good things will come to those who wait , with patience ?

Nothing to do with oriental rugs but still interesting !IMG_1068
Skinner's , Boston has an “Americana” sale scheduled on March 1st that includes a very rare American needlework textile from the 17th century . The piece has been in the same family for about 3 + centuries.
Lot # 30 , The Phillips Family Needlework Picture , pre- sale est. , $ 8-1,200,000 .00 .
The textile is only 17. 25 ” x 12.25 ” , so there in lies the intriguing part , small , rare and possibly fairly expensive ?
Let's just see how this turns out.

Adios , Leonard Nimoy , AKA Mr Spock , hopefully we may all ” LLAP ” as you did !

Out of town visitors , conversation ,minor commerce .
The 13th ICOC has been scheduled to run through Aug 6-9 , 2015 in Washington , D.C.
Details will be posted on about April 1st , 2015 .
An interesting date choice !
All the usual activities and hotel particulars will be announced then.
More out of town visitors .
Skinners update .
The Phillips Family Needlework Picture just sold for a very respectable
$ 903,000.00.
This figure is right within the boundaries of the pre- sale estimate so no upside surprise but still a hefty price for a small but very scarce item.
Mostly likely the top lot in this offering !

Do not under any circumstances respect anyone who does not take responsibility for their mistakes ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , Limp Bizkit , Break Stuff on Significant Other , 2008 .

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