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First reports from the S.F. Tribal Arts show were mixed .
The show was good , as expected , but as far as oriental rug activity goes unfortunately it was a bit on the weak side. Only a hand full of rug dealers exhibited , down from 12-15 in years past , so this was to be expected .
As I mentioned in an earlier post more of a tribal art and artifact show these days .
Quite !
The weather on the East Coast is certainly having a negative effect on the rug and textile business nation wide !
Still silent !
Major cabin fever lingers on the East Coast !
Viva “Valentines Day” !!!
No action at the Long Beach fair today.
Presidents Day in the U.S. and with it more snow across the Eastern seaboard .
Time for a break in the weather and resumption of normal business.
Unfortunately more snow on the horizon for the foreseeable future.
The March 16th , Bonham's , L.A. rug auction is live on the line now for your viewing pleasure .
Unfortunately the offering is along the same lines as all Bonham's L.A. sales .
Nothing more than 287 total lots of mid- range mediocre dealer type stock .
As in the past the bulk of the sale is a large selection of modestly valued roomsize carpets , nothing as far as standout carpet included in this area .
This group does include a fair size number of entry level Caucasian and Turkish items , but again no more than run of the mill dealer stock .
Regrettably not a thing in in the whole auction that could be considered a serious collectors item.
However business has been very quite since the beginning of the new year so i suppose a quick look could be in order and you may run across something that “might” strike your fancy ! ,
The forthcoming Netherhampton rug auction scheduled on March 4th in Salisbury , U.K. is up on the line now.
Similar to there past sales Ms. Barrett and staff have put together another substantial offering consisting of 458 total lots of all types of rugs , carpets , trappings and textiles . This selection is in the same vain as their previous sales . Nothing in the way of serious decorator or collectors item . Just another large group of mid to low end shop stock type pieces and entry level “collectable ” items.
Nothing you could even consider high end but if your a bargain hunter this could be the sale for you.
Not really much in the group caught my eye but in keeping with the spirit of fair play I listed a couple of items that might be at least mildly interesting below.
Lot # 427 Shahsevan sumac bags. IMG_1065-sale est. £ 4-600.00. . Common design , good condition with minor provenance . Ex collection Michael Noel- Clark . Published in J. Housego , Tribal Rugs , plate 32.
This is a poor quality illustration and the one in the Housego book is in black and white but the piece seems to warrant a closer look if your in the U.K.
IMG_1064Lot # 483 , Ottoman textile items , 18th century ? . Pre-sale est. £3-500.00 . Certainly one of the oldest items in the sale but in distressed condition . Still scarce and a realistic estimate .
This sale sale is hardly a big deal but still worth a little of your time to have a quick look in this slow and boring rug market !

Another SLOW day !
The Brunk Auction Gallery of Asheville , N.C. has a sale scheduled on March 13-14 that features the “Liberty Textile Collection”. I am not quite sure what Liberty Textile Coll. is , but it's listed as part of the “Athene USA Corporate ” collection ?
No matter its a fairly large group of mostly late ethnic textiles of all varieties . Nothing appears to be particularly important but still worth look if you have a little spare time. .
There are also a decent size group of decorative oriental rugs and carpets most likely not part of the collection . Again nothing collectable .
The most impressive items in the sale are a large group of American Indian pieces .There are some very nice examples of Indian pottery included and if your interested in this type of collectable this s definitely something you should check out.
Out of town visitors escaping the snowy east coast this afternoon.
Visitors again today.
Appointment canceled .
Thats it for today !
Next up the Daytona 500 …….

Do unto others as they just may deserve it ? Sheik Frederich , 2015.

Song o the week , Satyricon , Die By My Hand on The Age of Nero , 2009.

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