Rapistan Review

Silence !
More of the same.
Out of town visitors today.
Interesting conversation but nothing in the way of commerce.
Plenty of auction action on schedule in coming months .
March 4 , Netherhampton Salesrooms , U K.
March 16 , Bonham's , L.A.
March 25 , Sotheby's , NYC.
March 28 , Skinner's , Boston .
March 29 , Nagel , Germany .
April 11 , Rippon – Boswell Germany .
April 22 , Arts of The Islamic World , London .
April 30 , Austria Auction Co. , Austria .
Seriously with all this to look forward to ” What more could you ask” ?
If that's not enough don't worry I am sure there is certainly more to come !
First impressions are coming in from the High Noon show in Mesa , Az. and it appears it went pretty well for the people I talked to that exhibited there.
All reported making multiple sales and there was a decent size crowd of buyers / collectors in attendance too.
Prices fetched on sold items were apparently realistic but nothing in the way of over the top.
This is the first High Noon show since it was sold to “Brian Lebel” and it looks like it picked up right where it left off , with both the dealer fair and auction turning out positive.
I guess this is a small affirmative sign on the way to a successful start to the new year !
Now what we need to do is keep the ball rolling !
One small thing worth at least a brief mention.
Next Thursday ( Feb. 5th ) is the opening night gala of the annual Caskey – Lees , S.F. Tribal Arts show.
The regular show runs through Sunday Feb. 8 and opens at 11am each day.
This used to be a fairly good show for the oriental rug crowd but at this point it's more of a general tribal art and collectors item fair with only a few rug dealers exhibiting .
Not much in the way of any overflow rug dealer activity rumored at the Capri motel this time around either but you never know since it's not a scheduled event.
Quiet ?
Nada , zilch , nothing .
Paper work , bloody paper work .
Will it ever end , of coarse not !
Visitors at O.C.G. today and modest commerce buts that's about it.

Super Sunday , let's get this party started !
Here's to a hopefully competitive game !

Shared “ramblings” of a miss guided acolyte rarely lead to a positive out come ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015.

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