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Quiet start to the first full week of the new year .

Not much to say other than “Happy Birthday Day ” to the one and only “Jimmy Page ” , guitarist of the legendary “Led Zeppelin” .
Hopefully many more to come.

Rosebowl “rainy” Rosebowl !
As you would figure , no action at all.
Another week , another slow start.

One positive thing to note , business is reappearing after a short dormant period.
First Long Beach fair of the new year !
Full house , big crowd , more rugs than usual , probably because of the rain issues at the Rosebowl last weekend but unfortunately only decorative items , nothing in the way of notable collectors items .
The only thing worth mentioning so far this year is the High Noon show in Mesa , Arizona this coming weekend , Jan 24-25.
As I have mentioned in the past this show features American Indian art and Western collectables which have nothing to do with oriental rug universe however it's still the first major collectable show of the year and gives some kind of indication of the direction of the collectors market .
So in my humble opinion as always , its worth keeping track of .
This is my first post after a layoff of 2 weeks due to the lack of any credible fresh rug business news and at this point nothing much has changed .
Unfortunately I don't see anything changing for the positive in the near future but here's hoping !
However in the end I personally have a good feeling about the future move forward in the rug and textile collecting field and only see positive things on the horizon in this new year !!!
I hope “you all” out there feel the same and agree ?
One fresh piece of rug business news to report.
Seems M.J. and the Sotheby's rug dept. have another “major” rug auction ( Carpets from Distinguished Collections ) scheduled on March 25 , 2015.
The last one , awhile back was a great presentation and a very successful outing for them so this certainly something to look forward to .
At this point nothing in the way of concrete details yet.
Nothing else to do today but “Ramble On” . ,

Keep your mind in the music and everything else will fall in into line ! , Sheik Frederich , 2015

Song o the week , Marilyn Manson , Deep Six on The Pale Emperor , 2015.


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