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Quiet !
One piece of unfortunate news to report .
Bill Caskey one of the founders of the Caskey/ Lees show promoting partnership passed away on Nov. 20 .
A good friend , he will be missed by all of the collecting universe, RIP.
14 days till NYC !
The day before Thanksgiving and rug business and the market are silent.
There is however one piece of extraordinary textile news to report.2014-11-26 12.42.49
Christie's , Hong Kong held an auction today featuring only one item.
The item was a highly important Tibetan Imperial Embroidered Silk Thangka , circa 1402 – 1424 . This very rare thangka was 84″x 132″ .
The pre- sale estimate was by request but in the neighborhood of about H K $ 80 million ( U S $10,350,000.00 ).
It ended up fetching H K $ 348,000,000.00 , which works out to U.S. $ 45,000.000.00.
Certainly a well deserved world record price for such spectacular textile .
The buyer was a well known Chinese collector.
So how's that for holiday auction action !
2014-11-28 15.06.27

Thanksgiving Day !
Here's to all you turkey's out there.
How's your various hangovers ?
Rippon – Boswell went off today .
Nothing in the way of reports yet.
One minor piece of fresh rug news to mention on the tail end of this holiday weekend.
The next Netherhampton sale scheduled on Dec.10 in Salisbury , U.K. is live on the line now. This edition features 481 total lots of all types of rugs carpets and textiles . As usual there is nothing in the way of a standout item from any of the represented weaving areas . Just their standard selection of mediocre shop stock . That said I notice a couple of items that seemed at least mildly interesting which are featured below.
2014-11-30 10.51.422014-11-30 10.49.28 Lot # 484 Kazak rug , pre- sale est. € 3-4,000.00 . Not exceptional in anyway but one of the better items in this offering.
Lot # 502 Shah Sevan double bags , pre- sale est. € 4-500.00 . Again nothing special however a “possible” high light of the group.

Servers being hacked created problems and deleted 2 previous posts which also delayed this current post till today .
Not much to report but there is one fresh piece of rug news to review.
“Rugtracker” has a new post titled , “Doors of Jannah – Turkey and the Mediterranean” .
The subject is Saph carpets and it very interesting so check it out when you have time , you will certainly enjoy it !
As usual great work by J.T.

The fact that you don't “know” means everything ? Sheik Frederich,2014.

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