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Silent beginning !
In a most timely fashion Auktionshaus “Dr Hull” has posted the results of yesterday's “antique” rug , carpet and textile sale .
So here we go , out of the “mega” 526 total lots offered 353 ended up finding buyers. This works out to a sold percentage of just under 67 %.
A nice days work for the Dr.Hull staff indeed.
Keeping in mind there was nothing at all in the way of a standout piece to generate a buzz in this offering it turned out to be fairly successful for Auktionshaus Dr. Hull.
One thing worth noting most all the pieces that sold for the highest numbers were city carpets and the selection of pictorial dozar size items by their count did the best overall selling well over their pre-sale estimates.
All in all a very good job by the Dr Hull people considering that did not have any prominent items , just mid – range shop stock !
The “unaudited” results from the “Leclere” auctions , Oct. 24 sale in Marseille, France are up on the line now and for all intensive purposes it was only modestly successful turn of events for them .
If these numbers are correct out of the 40 items run under the hammer 24 may have sold .
A sold percentage of right at 60 %.
Decent but certainly not great.
As for the 2 pieces i featured in an earlier post they “may have” both found buyers.
Lot # 6 Bakshaish, pre-sale est. € 2-4,000.00 , sold for € 10,000.
No indication if this included the comm.or not. Easily the best decorative carpet in the sale and grossly under estimated before the sale it still sold at a fairly reasonable number for the buyer.
Lot # 15 Shield Carpet , pre- sale est. € 18-22,000.00 , sold for €16,500.00 again not clear if this included's the comm.
I felt this was the most interesting collector's item in the group and thought it would do much better than the the price it fetched .
However , it could have been in even worse condition than the illustrations showed.
Solitude ?
All Hallows' eve.
Uneventful except for much needed rain in So. Cal .!
What more can you ask on a “Major” holiday weekend .
Day of the Dead !
Don't you just know there is a completely different set of results from the Nov. 24 “Leclere” sale are posted on their website now and it must be something of disappointment for them i am sure.
Looks like the sold total may have been far worse than ” the invaluable ” online auction service indicated earlier this week.
If this is the correct sales total only 14 pieces out of the total 40 offered ended up selling .
A much lower sold percentage of just 35 %.
This result will unfortunately bear another look down the road .
And one more nail in the the coffin .
Lot # 15 Shield Carpet may not have sold at all !
Yes , gang the hits just keep on commin !
Morning on the road , again .
And commerce.
With the fall auction season winding down and the only big thing to look forward to being the “Rippon” sale in a few weeks it looks like a return to the doldrums is inevitable !
But then you just never know what could pop up !
A fitting end to an uneventful week.

Does the face of disaster loom in your future ? , if so , put one foot in front of the other and proceed with caution ! , Sheik Frederich, 2014 .

Song o the week , Exodus , Blood In Blood Out on Blood In Blood Out , 2014 .

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