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Travel Day !
While I am sitting here at JWA waiting for lift off I just got a fresh critical comment dealing with my opinions of the relatively modest success of the 4 Sept. rug auctions . It seems this person feels I did not give the Austria Auction Co. proper respect for the sale they just held.
Well for starters other people out there have already mentioned that.
Unfortunately they don't seem to get the fact that my blog is not there to promote or slag any particular sale .
Yes , the comment is posted in its entirety, check it out for yourself and form your own opinion .
Please skip the fake E – Mail return addresses , though !!!
As I have already stated that the Austria Auction Co. included the most high power lots of the 4 sales and from a monetary standpoint was the big winner , but I don't feel that's the only way to judge the success of a sale .
If you took perhaps 3 lots , say the Salor Main Cpt. and 2 Caucasian pieces out of the group I doubt that the sale would have been considered as important from a monetary standpoint or any other reason. It would have been just another average rug auction.
If the few notable pieces in the Austria Auction Co. offering had not been published and known to the the rug collecting world since the beginning of time ( fresh finds to the market ) I would have certainly felt differently about them. But because they were published , known pieces with fairly high valuations they were only accessible to a very small wealthy part of the collecting market from the start.
If auction records are all that interest you that's fine but my blog is for the whole collecting arena .
That's why although Austria Auction Co “was ” the big winner from a monetary standpoint I felt the Skinner's sale was as important if not possibly more important to the ” general ” market because it featured items that were more in an affordable range to the average rug buying public. And from a standpoint of items sold although far less in value per item their sold percentage was about 20 points higher and it might have proved that aspect .
All that said I do appreciate any comments submitted and as long as you keep them clean I will post them unedited in their entirety.

One more thing .
The La Opinonada poll is back up and running again so if you did not caste a vote on your idea of the most interesting of the 4 Sept. auctions , please do.

That aside we have the posted results from the Cheffin's Auction house , Oct. 1 sale of the Roderick Taylor collection in Cambridge , U.K. Out of the 155 total lots of rugs and textiles offered only 31 failed to sell .A sold percentage of about 80% . A very nice turn of events for Mr Taylor I suppose. Granted this was something of a low end offering , however in the end sold is still sold .
So a nice days work for the Cheffin's staff.
As for the one textile item i featured in an earlier post it found a buyer abet at a very reasonable price.
Lot # 147 Silk Ikat panel , pre- sale est. £5-700.00 sold for £ 200.00 .
Someone may have got a bit of a deal !
On the streets .
Weather is very good so far.
Although we are in a holiday season in NYC everybody is on the job.
All smiles but still the underlying rumblings of a slow business period .Not a whole lot in the way of fresh to the market collectors items present themselves but enough that it appears this trip is gonna certainly pay for it self and then some.
The Christie's , London “major ” fall oriental rug sale went off today and ended up with a modest sales return . Out of the 131 pieces run under the hammer 78 found takers. Works out to a sold percentage of about 60 % .Decent and inline with some of the other sales last month ,but hardly anything to write home about. Most of the of ” big “ticket items included in the group did find buyers though.
The one carpet I featured in an earlier blog post managed to find a new home but right at the high end of the pre-sale estimate so nothing in the way of an upside surprise at all.
Lot # 24 Cairene carpet ,pre- sale est., £ 50-80,000.00 . Sold for £ 80,500.00 including comm. Most likely a slight disappointment for the seller !
Next up.
The Bonham's, London , Islamic and Indian Art sale also went off today. As I said I an earlier post there were only 12 formal city carpets included in the offering and just 5 of those found buyers , more or less a none event , really . Out of the 19 textiles in the sale only 6 sold and as for the 3 mediocre susani's in the sale all failed to sell.
A somewhat disappointing turn of events for the Bonham's rug and textile dept. Fortunately for them , on a very small scale .
Better luck next time if if fact you try a little harder and include better pieces !
Back to the streets of NYC to finish up a little commerce before the trip home. Sotheby's , London is on the clock today so let's just see how that turns out .
Like I stated in an earlier blog post carpets and textiles were a very small part of this Islamic Week sale .
So here we go with some results.
Out of the 4 textiles offered 2 sold 2 did not.
As for the thirteen rug / carpet lots in the group only 7 found buyers , right at 55%. This was hardly important from a rug market standpoint but still worth a mention.
Concerning the two pieces i featured one sold one did not.
Lot # 191 , Yomut Asmalyk, pre-sale est. £15-20,000.00 . Slightly aggressive pre- sale estimate and a somewhat fresh looking face may have kept this piece from selling !
Lot # 192 , Small Med. Oushak , pre- sale est. £ 80- 120,000.00 .Sold for £ 134,500.00 . Not a surprise.
NYC trip update .
Things are looking good .
Transactions are paying off and it's time to finish up and prepare for the trip home .
Travel Day .
Flights on time for a change !
Christie's , London , South Kensington “Arts & Textiles of the Islamic & Indian Worlds ” has just wrapped up , with another dose of mediocre results. Out of the 23 Islamic textiles put up for sale 12 sold , about 55%. Not a disaster but not great either . As for the 4 run of the mill Susani's included in the group 2 sold 2 did not . The Islamic artifacts ruled the day in this sale .
I suppose with the average quality of the textile lots offered this was to be expected !
The lot I featured , # 446 , Ottoman panel , pre- sale est. £ 8-12,000.00 failed to garner any interest .
The “signens Kunstauktionen ” general auction in Cologne , Germany that included 15 rugs and carpets was held today but nothing in the way of posted results just yet.
Tomorrow is the Oct. edition of the world famous Rosebowl Antique market so I just can't wait to see if anything turns up this time around.
Da Nada at the Rosebowl this morning .
So a hectic week ends on a quiet note .

Time doesn't matter you do , and Sh*t happens in your mind if you let it ! so stay alert and pay attention ! , Sheik Frederich, 2014.

Song o the week , Jefferson Airplane , Somebody to Love on Surrealistic Pillow , 1967 .

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