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Silent start to the new week.
But never fear , 14 days till NYC !
Not much happening so far this week , but another Islamic week auction has floated to the surface.
Bonham's , London is on the clock now with their entry in the London Islamic Week circus , scheduling a sale on Oct. 7.
Unfortunately if your into collector type rugs and the like this not the auction for you . The rugs in the group consist of just 12 hi-tone city carpets , no collectable items at all. There are however 19 early Islamic textiles and 3 mediocre susani's if that's your area of interest , but that's about it. The other Islamic artifacts included in the sale are far more interesting . There are some very righteous knives , tiles and other Islamic artifacts so if you have time it's worth a quick look !
Very quiet the last few days but there is action on the horizon.
Tomorrow is the Skinner's fiasco and it should be very interesting !
On the road in this morning .
Auction action in the afternoon.
11 am , game time !
Underway and so far it's looking pretty good for the Skinner's rug dept.
But it is just the beginning ?
2:30 pm in Cali.
The Skinner's sale has just wrapped up and out of the 4 contestants in the Sept. auction sweepstakes they have turned out to be the clear cut winners.
Out of the 332 total lots put under the hammer only 80 ended up not finding new homes. This works out to a sold percentage of approx. 76%. By far much better than the other auction houses posted.
That said this was not necessarily something to write home about .
This sale did have few high points but generally as far as prices go it was not much more than an average turn of events.
Looking back over the outcome Turkish items seemed to have hard time. Caucasian pieces sold well but on the whole the group was mid- range and late so it commanded only realistic prices.
And as for the Turkmen pieces in the sale it was a “very” weak selection so the ones that did sell brought only half as*ed results .
One other thing I did notice was Kashmir/ Mughal shawl items did very well today.
There were however a few cases of the elusive upside surprise ( 6 by my count ) but not enough to change the overall complexion of the offering.
The big winner for Skinner's was lot # 183 , “Shakhrisabz” susani . Pre – sale est. $ 8-10,000.00 . It ended up selling for $ 33,210.00 including comm. , which I am sure made the owner very happy.
One caveat !
Based on the prices this variety of susani have been bringing in the last few years I wonder if the fact that this example was much larger than the other examples ( approx 7'x 10' ) that the oversize some how affected the end price being quite a bit lower . Other examples of the type recently brought more in the range of $50-70,000.00 !!!

As for the 2 items i featured in an earlier post both found buyers.
Lot # 87 West Anatolian prayer rug , pre – sale est. $4-5,000.00 . Sold for $5,228.00 including comm. No big deal , right in the range.
Lot # 149 ,Chinese rug , pre-sale est.$1,2 – 1,500.00 . Sold for $12,300.00 including comm. The piece had a very low pre- sale est. and the price it ended up selling for reflected that . Although much higher than the estimate I still think the buyer got a great value for the money spent on a very scarce item.
Yes , it was my personal favorite item in the sale.
All in all I would have to say the turn out for Mr Kearny and staff was pretty good. Not quite as successful ( 82 % ) as his previous and “1st.” attempt , but still a very respectable foray into a crowded auction field so a tip of the ” hat ” to the whole Skinner's rug dept.

Now that all 4 Sept. sales are in the books , please if you have not voted in the “La Opinionada ” poll , do so at this time and let's just see who you thought put together the most interesting sale.

One last thing , 7 days till NYC !!

A late update !!
J.T. at rugtracker is back at it with a new post titled “On the Origin of the Herati Pattern”.
Quite a few interesting comparisons, Worth your time to check it out !
As usual nice work J.T.

When you find it you may not understand it and unfortunately it may not turn out to be at all what you expected ! Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , Exodus , Salt the Wound on Blood In Blood Out , 2014 .

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    I see you’re on your way to NYC….or thereabouts. Have a great time. Give a ring when you get back. Love to stop by. Swing by the Jones and have a Cajun Martini for me!!

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