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Slow start to the new week but never fear tomorrow is Austria day !
2014-09-15 11.34.47Christies , South Kensington , U.K. is hosting another Islamic Art sale titled , “Arts and Textiles of the Islamic Worlds ” on Oct. 10. This offering does not include any oriental rugs or carpets but does have approx. 24 various Islamic textiles and 4 mediocre Susani's .
I felt one of the textiles was worth a mention?
Lot # 446 , Ottoman embroidered panel , circa 1800 . Pre-sale est. £ 8-12,000.00 .
Not a big deal but looks good in the illustration.
Auction day in Austria .
No news yet !
Still extremely hot and humid in Cali.
So the Dorotheum is first on the boards with results on their sale yesterday. Unfortunately it's about the same outcome as the Nagel sale . Out of the 214 lots offered only 67 found new homes . This works out to a sold percentage of about 31% . A few of the pieces sold over their pre- sale estimates but nothing in the way of real upside surprises . Just a lot of mediocre rugs and carpets , and the ones that did sell brought mediocre prices . Granted this group was equally as weak as the Nagel offering as far as more desirable items go but I was still looking for a more positive out come , not this time around I guess !
Let's just see if when Udo + Co post their results they have soaked up all the available cash sitting on the side lines with their much stronger selection ?
As for the one lot I featured in an earlier post it did end up selling .
Lot # 144 Kashmir shawl , pre- sale est. € 1,4-1,600.00 . Sold for € 1,250.00 Including commissions . Just below the pre- sale est. must not have been that good in person .
Something fresh for your viewing pleasure .
Cheffin's of Cambridge, U.K. is hosting an auction on Oct. 1 featuring the collection of one Roderick Taylor , an English collector , scholar type fellow. I have never met Mr Taylor but I have heard of him in passing. The group consist of approx 155 lots of rugs , textiles and kelims . Unfortunately this group included's only mid to low end items . Nothing in the way of a stand out collectors piece in the sale . That said the pre -sale estimates are more or less realistic and it's varied selection so it is worth your time to have a quick look . There is certainly a chance you could find something that suites your fancy if your on a budget !
I will say one thing about this sale .
Many of the lots are mislabeled so the pre- sale estimates although realistic are somewhat misleading .
Pay attention , please.2014-09-17 12.30.14
One lot I found that was sort of interesting is listed below.
Lot # 147 silk ikat panel , fragment . Pre-sale est. £ 5-700.00 . The estimate seems a little aggressive in comparison to the rest of the items but this certainly one of the better pieces in the sale !
As for today we have the unaudited results from Austria Auction Co. sale two days ago. It turned out somewhat worse for them than the two previous sales. Out of the 246 lots put under the hammer only 121 ended up selling . That works out to a sold percentage of just under 50%. The two previous sales percentages were in the mid 60% range. A better total than the 2 competing sales this month but far from a rousing success , even in this anemic market. Looks like middle of the road Caucasians and Turkmen's had a hard time and it was really that way for the whole sale. The better pieces of all varieties attracted attention , the rest did not .
Concerning the two items i featured in an earlier post both sold.
Lot # 48 , Lesghi , pre-sale est.€ 18-22,000 . Sold for -€ 34,000.00 + This was my favorite piece in the sale and it did pretty well for its owner but still not an exorbitant price for the new owner.
Lot # 182 Tekke juval pre-sale est. € 12-15,000 . Sold for € 21,000.00 + So again it did well for its owner.
Back to the silence !
Out of town visitors today.
Long Beach Antique market tomorrow.
No action at Long Beach this morning .
Netherhampton Salesroom are back in the game with their next sale scheduled on Oct. 1 and it features 481 lots this time out .As usual rugs and carpets from all the weaving areas but once again not a thing in the way of an exceptional piece. If your interested in mid range items or just browsing it's worth a look . It seems like a slightly better selection this time , but you be the judge !
I did notice one Turkmen Torba that was a little better , it's featured below.
2014-09-20 14.28.37Lot # 433 Tekke Torba , pre- sale est. £ 1-1,500.00 not special by any means but a stand out in this average group.
Procrastination is a formidable enemy , live with a dull sword , die with a broken one ! , Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , Mink De Ville , Cadillac Walk on The Best of Mink De Ville , 1997 .

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