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Here we go with another auction to start the week.
Christies , London's , Oct. 7 “major” oriental rug sale is live online today .
This time around the sale included's 131 lots of all types of rugs, carpets and textiles.
At first glance you will notice this group is overloaded with Formal city carpets of all types . That said there is still some variation in the group with all weaving areas represented to a certain extent , just not as much as in the previous sales.There are also a couple of well known recent retreads that you will all remember included in the offering .
This is the first sale for the new head of the rug dept. Louise Broadhurst and you can definitely see the difference in her style in comparison to the previous dept. head , Mr Robinson .
From where I sit I see a few ” high priced ” classic type carpets that may turn out to be the focal point of the sale but nothing in the way of an exciting fresh to market collectors item to get the the rug world chattering .
But it's again only my opinion .
Not negative , just not impressed , sorry !
After all that I did notice one item that I felt was worth a mention .
2014-09-14 12.14.37Lot # 24 , “Cairene” carpet , 16th century ? Pre- sale est. £ 50-80,000.00 . Looks interesting in the illustrations , is it that good in the flesh ?
If so it could do well for its owner !
The first of the Sept. auctions is upon us so off we go !
First things first , looks like the Nagel sale had issues with their online presents today. Not sure how that affected the auction but info should be available shortly.That said there is nothing in the way of results posted yet but that should change shortly .
O K , so we have the results of today's Nagel sale and it was far from a rousing success . Out of the 199 total lots of rugs and textiles put under the hammer only 62 found buyers . That works out to a sold percentage of just 31%.
Considering I felt this was the weakest sale of the 4 Sept. auctions I am not surprised but I did expect a little better turnout than this .
I am left to wonder if there was an online internet problem at Nagel's did it affect the turn out and if so how much ?
Many of the pieces that sold were at there pre- sale estimates which leads me to think left bids ?
As for the 2 lots I featured in an earlier post one sold one did not .
Lot # 96 Tekke Torba frag . Pre- sale est. € 300.00 , sold for € 750.00 not including the juice.
Lot # 117 Appliqué Asmalyk , pre- sale est. € 400.00 , unsold .
One minor piece of fresh rug trivia worth a line or two .2014-09-09 12.40.03
A 2nd tier Auktion house ” signes Kunstauktionen ” in Cologne , Germany is hosting a general sale on Oct. 11 that will include 15 lots of various rugs and textiles . This type thing is usually not worth mentioning but they did include one lot I thought was somewhat intriguing .
Lot # 411 Senneh kelim , pre- sale est. € 180.00 . This is a small piece but I feel it has a very good look and a secondary weave pattern in the field . The est. is very reasonable so if your close to Cologne could be worth a look.
Plenty of other ethnic , tribal art in the sale too.

Well what can you say today …. just this the Skinner's , Sept. 28 auction catalog is finally live on line now , so that's what you can say today .
Seems what we have to deal with here is the largest by volume sale of the 4 “major ” auctions this Sept. This group clocks in at 332 total lots of rugs, carpets and textiles.
My first impression is I don't feel this group is quite as interesting as L.K.'s inaugural attempt but it still features a few somewhat interesting items. However there is a good cross section from all of the weaving regions , so I feel the offering is fairly well balanced . A little something for everyone but unfortunately nothing in the way of a world class barn burner .
With all that here are couple of pieces that caught my eye , let's just see how they do !2014-09-10 12.34.252014-09-11 11.42.22Lot # 87 W. Anatolian prayer rug , pre- sale est. $ 4-5,000.00 . Nice square size and supposedly legit date . A fair starting point .
Lot # 149 Chinese rug , pre- sale est. $ 12-1,500.00 . To my eye this is a scarce item. Seems to be a very low starting point but as we all know it's not where you start it's where you finish !

With this group now live make sure you go to “La Opinionada ” and cast your vote for the one you feel is the most interesting if you have a favorite !

From a place of little or no fresh rug news we now are in a field of plenty !
Today we have Sotheby's London on the clock with their “Arts of the Islamic World ” auction scheduled on Oct. 8 . As usual with this type of sale there are only a small number of rugs and textiles included with all the other Islamic art which is true in this case too. The group does feature 4 Islamic textiles and 13 rugs and central Asian textiles . Although a limited selection the group contains a couple of ” in my opinion” notable items .
2014-09-11 12.15.532014-09-11 12.17.44Lot # 191 Yomut Asmalyk , pre-sale est. £ 15-20,000.00 . Far from the oldest's of the type but good looking in the illustrations , how about in person?
Lot # 192 Oushak small med. Carpet. 16th century ? , pre- sale est. £ 80-120,000.00 reasonable if that old . This thing looks almost to good , restoration?
New I Phone day , what a hassle .
A heat wave with heavy humidity is headed for So Cal this weekend .
Looks to be very unpleasant .
So after 2 more passes through the Skinners sale this what I have to say.

Out of the 4 sales ( Nagel aside because it's over and was a disaster for them ) the Austria Auction Co. certainly has the most high power line up but I think from a collectors affordability stand point Skinners offers the best opportunity for the general collectors out there.

Make sure to cast your vote on this subject !!
Quiet !
Not much to speak of today Tomorrow is the Sept. edition of the Rosebowl and it looks to be hot and humid one.
The heat wave arrived in full force.
One positive thing even with the heat commerce continues !
Nothing in the way of rug activity at the Rosebowl this morning .
The only thing worth a mention was that a few better American Indian items turned up and there were a few out of town visitors other than that , 105 and very humid !
What a way to end the week?

A mistress of darkness flows among us and her influence reigns supreme if left unattended ! , Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , InThis Moment , Sick Like Me , The Single , 2014.

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