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The slums of Monday strike again . 7 days till Brimfield !
Whole lotta nothing going on!
The day before he day .
And away we go.
6:30 am. 90 , hot , humid with possible thunder storms to come.
No where near the amount of people here today in comparison to the huge crowd last May.
That said all the usual rug hustlers are in attendance.
11 am
Dealer's Choice
And it begins .
The crowd was mid sized at the opening and the field was at best 75% full as far as exhibitors go. More than a few “antique ” rugs and carpets were scattered around the field but nothing exceptional. There is a rumor of a “good” Turkmen piece that was found before the opening but I have not seen it yet.
I will be following up on it though .
One lucky rug picker did get a room size “Serapi and a thin but green field Karachoph Kazak but that's about it.
Good for him.
1 pm
Brimfield North field.
First up , the rumor of a good Tekke piece in the Dealers Choice field was unfortunately just that , a rumor. After a little digging it turned out to de chemically washed , what ever.
So the opening crowd at this field was slightly smaller than the Dealers Choice field and there were quite a few empty exhibitor spaces too. That said this field also had a substantial number of antique rugs and carpets interspersed through out it.
One wonders if there's some “saltin” goin on !!
Unfortunately as with the last field not a thing so far as serious collectors item turned up .
Better luck tomorrow.
Personally I am on the trail of 3 good items and should have some results on Wednesday.
On the way back to the hotel I got stuck in an unbelievable thunder storm !
6 am
New England Motel field .
As usual this field is a waste of time but this time there were at least a few 20th century decorative carpets through out the field . Nothing of interest but most of the time there are no rugs at all . One other minor thing , this field is usually full as far as exhibitors go even if the other fields have empty spaces but this time around there were number of unoccupied spaces , not a big deal , however unusual none the less .
A very small opening crowd too.
Next up “Heart of the Mart ” at 9 am.
Small opening crowd and the field is perhaps 70% full as far as exhibitors go. This field is shopped heavy before it even opens so the possibility of a serious fresh find is slim . There were at least half a dozen rug pickers in there 3 hours before it opened .
Not much showed up . A couple of better 20's Persian city pieces but no real collectors items of any type . But as with the previous fields there were plenty of common circa 1900 or so mid- range pieces if your in need of shop stock.
On deck next , Hertan's at 12 noon.
Unfortunately Hertan's was a wash today.
This is a smaller field and it was fairly full as far as exhibitors go. Attendance was mediocre and like the other fields concerning rugs or textiles there was no significant activity .Once again a few mid – range pieces were scattered around the field but nothing worth mentioning.
My chase for 3 very good items that started on Tuesday ended up paying off today so the day was successful on a personal level.

One fresh piece of rug news.
Rugtracker.com , has a new post up that's very interesting .
“Yomut, gol without a tribe. ”
If your a Turkmen enthusiast this your cup of tea , but all others should check it out too . You most certainly will be impressed ,
J.T. has put together another great post!

9 am
Mays field , the end of the trail for this excursion.
So to start with a larger opening crowd than in the last couple of days which is nice for the promoters . For the first time this trip Mays parking lot is completely full.
However like the all the other fields this trip there were more than a few empty exhibitor spaces. Concerning anything of importance turning up it was the same results as all the other fields.
Mid range decorative pieces and low end collector pieces but that's it.
As for myself I did find one better than average Central Asian textile so the field did end up paying off.
Looks like from a money making stand point the big hit was the picker who got the room size Serapi on Tuesday. I think it's headed for an auction , a smart play I suppose.
Travel Day !
All in all , weather aside I would have to say this was one of the better Brimfield's of the last few years . At least for me.
Back at O.C.G.
Paper work but nothing in the way of fresh rug news so far.
Not much happening since I got back but commerce continues.

The new poll is finally live after the soft ware battle.
Although the Skinner's offering is still not live please remember to cast your vote !!!

Being pissed off doesn't make a difference , but consistency does ! Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

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