Rapistan Review

Hot , humid and still quiet.
Nothing from nothing leaves nothing as far as rug news.
So goes the rug business in the midst of a hot and humid summer.
The same repeats if self.
Finally after another slow week something fresh to babble about.
The Sept.9 Nagel Auktionen catalog is live online now.
At this point in time the group consist of 199 lots of all types of rugs , carpets and ethnic textiles.
The sale also included's 169 lots of ethnic items of all varieties , if that's your area of interest.
Unfortunately and without a doubt , with 3 of the 4 Sept. rug sales up and running on line now this is the weakest of the bunch with only Skinner's yet to surface.
Out of the199 lots offered not a single piece of any type that could be consider a serious collectors item or upscale decorator carpet are included in the offering. Pretty much every thing included in the sale is not much better than mid to low end at best. 2014-08-23 11.41.172014-08-23 11.43.07 said and after going through the sale twice , lot by lot and to throw these guys a bone I listed a couple of pieces below . Nothing but in this group better than nothing at all.
Lot # 96 Tekke Torba , frag ? , pre- sale est. € 300 . Part of something that used to be kinda good !
Lot # 117 Appliqué Asmalyk , pre- sale est. € 400 . Nice ethnic look and a reasonable starting point if the colors are good .
So now you are certainly left to form your own opinion ,good or bad on the Nagel selection this time around !
Watch for the new poll question .
Trouble with there software update delayed it for a day or two.
All's flat on the horizon !!!
Quiet Sunday , no updates from Skinner's yet.
So ends another week with a weak post .

Beware the spell you cast may come back to haunt you ! Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week ,Type O Negative , Christian Woman on Bloody Kisses , 1993 .

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