Rapistan Review

Still fairly quiet.
Back to the doldrums.
More of the same!
Out of state commerce continues but not much else .
Not a rug related story but worth a mention anyway !
2014-08-08 15.26.47TurboRoo was born with no front legs .His wheel set up was designed and made with help of one of the new 3 D printers .
Great innovation !
Nothing on the horizon but the Aug. edition of the Rosebowl fair.
No go at the Rosebowl.
Very quiet , small crowd and humid .The only out of the ordinary occurrence was two east coast dealers that I have never seen at the fair showed up !
Not much happening but one thing to look forward to.
No less than 4 ” major ” rug auctions scheduled for the month of September .
Details as the become available.
Silence rules the day.
And it's becoming deafening !
Finally something of merit to report.
The catalog for the upcoming Austria Auction Co. sale scheduled on Sept. 16 in Vienna ,Austria is live online now.
This time around the group consist of 248 total lots with more than a few well known , published pieces in the group.
However , from my point of view not quite as interesting as the last offering.
That said it's certainly worth your time to check out , there are still plenty of noteworthy pieces to consider . Have a look and form your own opinion you may surely feel differently about the quality and selection of the auction items.
A couple of pieces did catch my eye and they are listed below.
2014-08-17 10.51.092014-08-17 10.53.31Lot # 48 Lesghi cpt. pre-sale est. € 18-22,000.00 . A well known and published carpet. I have to think it will do well for its owner.
Lot # 182 Tekke juval , pre-sale est. € 12-15,000.00 . Slightly crowded design but the colors in the illustration look very good.
Are they that good I person ?

Via Con Dias , Jay Adams , Surf and Skate innovator , you left your mark , you will not be forgotten !

Out of town visitors and commerce.
Other than that tomorrow is the Aug.edition of the Long Beach antique market.
Nothing in the way of action at the Long Beach fair today .
Another past through the Austria Auction Co. catalog and I will stick with my first impression ,good but far from noteworthy !
More fresh auction news .
Here we go with the Sept. 16 Dorotheum auction in Vienna , Austria coincidentally on the same day as the Austria Auction Co sale !!!
Who-da thunk it ??.
Not the best idea in my opinion !
This group included's 214 lots of all types of rugs ,carpets and textiles . Unfortunately this offering is not nearly as interesting as the Austria Auction Co. sale and to my eye it falls into the area of commercial grade items . As far as I see nothing in the way of a stand out collectors item from any of the weaving areas. I only noticed one piece that seemed worth a second look for a couple of reasons .2014-08-17 10.56.26
Lot # 144 Kashmir shawl , pre- sale est. € 14-1,600.00 . A very reasonable est. if the piece is as good as the illustration and there are no hidden condition issues !
Is it fragmented ?
After a couple of passes through the catalog I still feel the same . Nothing to get excited about , just a decent middle of the road collection . The last few rug sales at this auction house were far more interesting !
That's it for now but never fear , plenty more rug activity coming up as Summer draws to a close !!
Two weeks till Brimfield ???
New poll this week !!! Pay attention .

Weather you were or in fact are famous remember there are people out there who are not , so keep it in mind when you interact with them ! Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , Creedence Clearwater Revival , Born On the Bayou on Bayou Country , 1969.

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