Rapistan Review

Bonham's , S.F. Period Design sale finished up yesterday and out of the 56 items offered only 21 failed to find buyers . A sold total of about 62% . Respectable I suppose considering this appeared to be a dealer stock house cleaning sale that did not include even one better than mediocre piece of any type . Everything that did sell sold cheap but since the quality was so low that's to be expected . I will say this for the Bonham's rug dept. they are still in the game taking their swings that does say something for their perseverance !!
Humid and Quiet .
Still quiet.
More of the same , Summer doldrums !
Certainly the slowest 2 weeks of the year so far as current rug world news goes .
More humidity ,more silience.
Commerce does continue.
Even the erasable Sheik is bored!
Enough , enough , let's get this party started .
At least this quiet period gives me plenty of time to organize the new location.

We may not have much in the way of fresh rug news to ponder on this fine day but we do have” Sharknado 2 ” on the syfy channel . If you miss this you don't know what your missing !

Nothing fresh to report.
A new month begins and the only thing worth mentioning at the moment is it's only 30 days till the Sept. Brimfield shows and there is always something happening at these events .
More heavy air !
My apologies for the weak post , but in these lack of fresh rug business news days it's tough to keep the Rapistan Review ball rolling . However for those of you out there who do care we are gonna keep pitching and I am sure once we hit Sept. things will certainly intensify .
Unbelievable humidity today.
One plus for today , out of town visitors and possible business .

If you had the “Map To the Stars” could you figure out just where you were going ? Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , Crucified Barbara , To Kill a Man , the single , 2014.

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