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Still moving .
The world famous Chelsea Garage flea market closed for the last time on June 29 2014. It had been around for about 40 years or so . I personally had found quite a few good to great items there since 1988 . It's a shame that all the good old Manhattan flea markets have passed by the way side but real-estate prices have taken their toll. The fellow who was in charge is trying to to keep the ball rolling at a new location ,on 25th street between 5th and 6th time .2014-07-13 20.46.54 2014-07-17 20.04.39One garage stallworth our old friend and long time rug dealer , P.E.Saunders , AKA , Zondra Fox was there at the end .
Thanks , R.W. ,
Bravo !
Humid and quiet.
Netherhamton went off today .As usual it will be a few days before Ms Barrett posts the results , other than that not much to blog about .
Commerce continues !
Still not much to report .
Unsubstantiated results from Netherhampton sale which are very positive are on line today , however I will have more on this when the the audited results are available .
Quiet .
7/12/14 )
Out of town visitors at the new location.
Tomorrow the Rosebowl fair.
Another “dry hole ” at the bowl this morning .
Something fresh of note .2014-07-13 20.51.22
More comic “hi jinx ” on the “Jump Start ” strip .
Bonham's L.A. rug extravaganza just finished up and for a change it turned out pretty well for them . As I said in the previous post there was nothing included in the sale even approaching a real collectors item but the but the sale was far more successful than the past Bonham's offerings have been. Out of the 252 lots run under the hammer only 56 failed to find buyers. A sold percentage of about 78%. In recent history the Bonham's rug dept. has had a hard getting more than 50-60 percent sold no matter where they hold a sale , L.A. , S.F. or N.Y.C. None of this group was anything more than dealer shop stock , but sold is certainly sold and it backs up my opinion that decent condition inexpensive stuff is moving in Europe ,the U.K. and certainly in the U.S.
The day before the final move completion .
2014-07-17 19.52.17Blues – Rock great Johnny Winter passed to day , R I P , you were one of the best !!!
If in fact you don't know , you don't know !!!
Move finally complete.
First full day in the new location.
The only minor thing worth mentioning is the July edition of the “Long Beach Antique fair ” tomorrow .
Not much to report on the Long Beach fair today. Out of town visitors showed up today with a few mid range collectors items but unfortunately nothing interesting enough to consider purchasing. There were also a few mediocre somewhat late decorative Persian pieces that got bought up in the field but again nothing special just shop stock.
One more thing .2014-07-20 10.46.30Uzbek / Lakai embroideries seem to be very popular lately so I thought I would mention something I came across recently.
New rug and textile publications worth reading have been in short supply in the last few years but one publication caught my eye last Friday that in my opinion is merit able if you are interested Uzbek / Lakai items.
Uzbek Embroidery , in the Nomadic Tradition by Kate Fitz Gibbon and Andy Hale is not a new pub. (2007) but certainly one of the best , if not the best book on the subject that I know of. As I said I just came across it and if you are partial to this type of embroidery you really need to check this book out .
I am sure you will like it.
It's available at Rugbooks.com .
One last thing , really !!
The audited results from the July Netherhampton sale are posted on line now and as I suspected the early reports were very optimistic and turned out to not be accurate . Out of 423 lots offered only 244 ended up selling a sold percentage of just over 56 % not the 90+ percent posted by the online bidding service on 7/10/14. This is more inline with previous Netherhampton auctions. Not bad , I guess since it's the beginning of summer , there was nothing above average included in the group and people have better things to do now. Perhaps they just needed to clean out their rug room ?
That's all for now .

You certainly new better and you certainly should not have done it , but you did anyway , why ? , Sheik Frederich, 2014.

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