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For a welcome change this week starts off with some fresh and interesting rug news , rugtracker.com just posted a new article titled , ” Inscrutable Isfahans “. As with all of J.T.'s posts this one is comprehensive and through with great illustrations . No matter if you like or dislike classic Persian carpets take the time to check this out you will not be disappointed.
Moving still moving .
One minor announcement , Netherhampton Salesroom has scheduled another rug and carpet happening on July 9 . No details yet but sooner or later they are gonna include a good piece , maybe ?

Fair well , Eli Wallach , the legend . You were great and you will be remembered !!!

Move winding down.
The Netherhampton July 9 sale catalog is live on line now . This time out the group is slightly smaller than usual clocking in at just 423 total items in comparison to their previous sales which were more in the 475+ range .
As it has been in the past nothing in the stellar category included in the sale . Once again just a large selection of mediocre items. Their last sale did have one case of the elusive up side surprise , lot # 1998 early Yomut main cpt. fragment but I can't see anything that would bring that result on this occasion . Looks to be a good opportunity for the low end buyers out there.
To be kind to Ms Barrett and staff one worn and damaged lot worth at least a look is # 408 Karachov Kazak pre-sale est. £ 2-300.00 .
A possibility ?
One more pass through the group but no stone had been left unturned , just medocrity.
More issues pop up with the on going location move.
Still silent .
Fresh rug world news is nonexistent for the moment.
Not really worth much attention as usual but Bonham's L.A. has one of their ” Major” oriental rug auctions on tap this July 14th . As is the Bonham's M O the group includes nothing special , just 252 lots of commercial grade dealer shop stock type “stuff”. On a business shortened holiday week not really worth your time to check out unless your bored and need to see everything !
Another minor thing to mention .
Bonham's S.F. also has has one of their wildly popular “Period Design” offerings scheduled on July 20 . This sale includes 56 lots of various rugs and carpets similar to the L.A. selection. Once again not a thing for even a beginning collector just more dealer shop stock type rubbish . Something thing this sale does include is a large group of ethnic textiles of all varieties and a large group of book lots on them if that's your cup of tea.
Quiet except for party preparations.
The day before the noise begins.
Here we go .
No news but good food , booze and plenty of fire works .
Party on … Wayne and Garth !
No fresh news , no good news , but no bad news either.
Commerce continues even during this drawn out relocation.
First client visit at the new location.
All's well that ends well on this U.S. holiday weekend !!!

In these unchartered times make sure to take care before you hit the B.S. Button ! , Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , Jimi Hendrix , The Star-Spangled Banner on Woodstock , 1967 .

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