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So it appears this week is gonna start off just like last week ended . Still on the quiet side and there is nothing on the horizon to change it for the time being.
Silence , moving preparations begin , however , time to move forward.
Move in progress.
Move in progress.
Still on the move.
All that can be found as far as fresh rug collectors news for the moment is the June edition of the Long Beach antique market tomorrow.
Not much but better than nothing.
Fathers Day , Happy ,Happy , Joy , Joy to all daddies out there !
Concerning anything worth mentioning at the Long Beach fair today , zilch , nada , nothing .
There was a good size crowd and the field was pretty much full but it was very quiet , no spark and no one turned up any thing notable in any area of antique collecting .
Weather was good though so for all the ” look-e-Lou's ” who showed up for a Fathers Day stroll a pleasant time could be had !
Rippon Boswell has finally posted the results from their May 31 sale and it was far from a raging success . Out of the 243 total lots put under the hammer only 131 found takers. A sold percentage of just 54 %. Like I already stated the hand full of above average Turkmen's were the high light of this offering , for the most part fetching very substantial prices . The rest of the pieces that sold were middle of the road and brought middle of the road prices .
I had featured 3 lots in a previous post and in the 5/26/14 post I listed the results on 2 of them.
The 3rd item I featured was lot # 54 Susani fragment , pre- sale est. € 1,250.00 and it failed to find a new home. My opinion of this piece was it was both interesting and good looking but I guess the bidding world out there did not agree . Oh well.
Back to working on the move .
An interesting rug related item has come to light on this fine So. Cal. morning.
A nationally know comic strip ( Jump Start ) is starting a series of strips today featuring a dialogue on oriental carpet collecting . Jump Start is published it the L.A.Times and other major news papers around the nation.
The strip is written / drawn by Robb Armstrong who is good friends with a fairly prominent Pasadena area rug collector ( J.F. ) and from what I understand some of their conversations about rug collecting and collectors is in part the inspiration for this series of strips. I had a look at the first one and from what saw its worth your time to check it out.2014-06-19 17.46.32
Beware move in progress .
It you have time the O.C.G.online gallery exhibition has been updated have a look !2014-06-19 17.47.376/20/14
Out of town visitors and commerce .
Move preparations continue .2014-06-20 15.45.526/21/14
More out of town visitors . More commerce .
Still in the midst of the move.2014-06-21 15.40.176/22/14
More moving , no rug action !
No matter , more pressing activity at hand.

These times they are a “change-in “so get up , get on board or get outta da way ! Sheik Frederich ,2014.

Song o the week , Insomnium , When the Last Wave Broke on When The Last Wave Broke – EP , 2009 .

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