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2014-05-19 14.54.11As everyone on the planet has found out by now my E Mail was hacked today.
No , I am not in Manila and it's all under control now.
Many thanks to all the people out there who contacted me when they got the message. Sorry for the inconvenience .
This is a photo of the fake Yahoo message so if you see it you will recognize it.

Now for a little fresh rug business news.
In the last week or so Bonham's in San Francisco and Los Angeles both held auctions that included small groups of rugs and textiles .
First up , the San Francisco , “Period Design” sale listed 69 lots .
Out of that group 7 pieces were withdrawn for unknown reasons and 11 failed to find buyers.
That leaves a group of 51 pieces that found buyers and a sold percentage of about 74 % . Not bad considering the quality of the merchandise offered in the sale . A lame , boring group but once again there is NO accounting for TASTE and sold is sold.
Next , Los Angeles , Period Design .
This sale only had 16 lots of oriental carpets and all but 4 found buyers. Works out to a sold percentage of approximately 75 %. Hardly a big deal but at least they tried.
As for the lot in this group I featured in an earlier post , # 8009w an Eagle Kazak , pre- sale $1,8 – 2,200.00 , ended up selling for 1,750.00 including comm. I have to think this piece had serious problems of some sort ( resto., newish ? ) or somebody out there got a good deal.
Quiet .
For some unknown reason Netherhampton is taking their sweet time posting the results for their latest sale this time around , bad news maybe ?
Not much happening today however the Freeman's auction in Phil. Pa. just wrapped up and all things considered it turned out to be a fairly successful sale for them . According to their posted results only 46 pieces out of the 169 put under the hammer failed to find buyers. It works out to sold percentage of about 73% , like I said with such a weak selection not bad , not bad at all.
Concerning the overall action at the sale there were only a couple of things worth mentioning .2014-05-22 11.22.322014-05-22 11.26.19
Lot # 785 cataloged as Kazak runner had a pre- sale est. of $1-1,500 and sold for $ 5,313.00 including comm. A bit of an upside surprise in a very ordinary sale .
But the real surprise to my eye was lot # 842 , listed as Heriz carpet , circa 1925 , pre- sale est. a very realistic $3-5,000.00 for a late ordinary rug.
However the piece ended up selling for a very aggressive $ 16, 250.00 including comm.
Granted this was an oversize cpt. ( 13,6 x 18,5 ) but it was only in decent condition with low pile , a very common item.
I guess this shows there is real strength in the decorator market if you need a particular size.
A nice outcome for the consigner that's for sure.
As for the piece I featured in an earlier post , lot # 768 , Borchalu Kazak prayer , pre- sale est. $3-5000.00 , it sold for $3,125.00 including comm. I can only figure it had condition issues not visible in the photos . It was thin but still a scarce piece and I thought it would have done much better but that's why they call an auction a crap shoot !
More silence !
Breaking news !
The next general auction at Grogan's of Dedham , Ma., featuring 67 lots of oriental rugs and textiles is live online for you holiday weekend viewing pleasure .
The sale is scheduled to go off on June 8 .
As it's been with Grogan's general sales lately no real standout collectors items , but a decent well rounded selection of rugs and carpets .
I did notice a couple of pieces that seemed to be somewhat unusual and interesting .
2014-05-23 12.05.212014-05-23 12.08.54 Lot # 743 , Ersari Juval , pre- sale est. a very reasonable $ 5-1,000.00 . Ersari juval's are a dime a dozen so to speak but this piece has a fairly scarce design and appears to be in decent condition abet not the oldest example of this type I have seen .
Lot # 751 Chinese Saddle rug , pre- sale est. $ 5-1,000.00 . Again a realistic starting point for a damaged but scarce item with a cool look.
That's all for today .
The holiday weekend is now in full swing , have a good one !!!
Netherhampton Salesroom , finally posted the results from their May 14 carpet extravaganza and it turned out to be a fairly successful outing for them. Out of 502 lots of rugs ,kelims , textiles and books only 182 failed to find new homes. A sold percentage of about 64% . This is certainly the best sold percentage they have put up lately.
Something else foreign to a Netherhampton sale , 2 instances of the elusive upside surprise. 2014-05-23 13.09.112014-05-23 13.02.37Posted with BlogsyPosted with Blogsy

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