Rapistan Review

Travel Day .
Bumpy ride in , but no delays.
Possible weather issues on the horizon.
6 am .
Clear so far .
Action starts at 6:30.
Looks like a big opening crowd.
11 am.
Dealers Choice field .
Warmed up nicely .
Massive opening day crowd.
All exhibitor spaces are full.
Plenty of rugs around but mostly mid to low end decorative and beginner collectors pieces.
Nothing of note has surfaced yet.
Brimfield North.
Another huge opening crowd and as far as dealer's go this field was also at capacity levels .
As with the earlier field a profusion of items were available .
This time pieces more in the neighborhood of mid- range to slightly better as far as quality were available but unfortunately not an item worth mentioning showed up .
Back at it tomorrow.
6 am.
A quick pass through the New England Motel field and the usual results , nothing at all in the way of rugs or textiles .
I always question myself as to why I even go through this field but then you never know when lighting will strike and something will turn up.
Maybe next September .
All the parking lots are full so it looks like another big crowd today !
On to the next field , Heart of the Mart at 9 am.
So the field was full and there were plenty of potential buyers .
However , as far as rugs or textiles are concerned not even a good story of one that got away!
No where near the amount of items in this field in comparison to the shows yesterday.
I did notice something unusual, one of the NYC jewelry / textile dealer's that I have never seen here before was set up in this field . Sorry no names.
Last shot for today.
Hertan's field 12 noon.
One other thing worth mentioning the Netherhampton sale went off today in Salisbury , U.K. . Ms Barrett has been fairly prompt lately getting the results posted so they should be available in a day or so.
12 noon.
The field and basically Brimfield itself is packed today.
No empty dealer spaces in Hertan's field either.
Unfortunately , no better than average rugs or textiles surface.
More entry level collectors pieces , bag faces and the like , but that's about it.
I did notice a few better than mid – range American Indian items though .
As for myself I did connect with an out of town dealer just before the field opened and got an early Turkmen piece so the day was not a total loss.
Possible connections on the schedule for tomorrow and one last chance .
That' it for now.
8 am.
For a change minor pre- opening activity, Baluch.
Could be a good omen !
9 am
May's field opening.
Another large opening crowd but one thing that's different about this field from the other's is a large number of unoccupied exhibitor spaces , perhaps 15 %.
Once again quite a few rugs and textiles scattered about the show , but like the others nothing in the way of a note able collector's item emerged .
The only thing that is worth mentioning is one of the local Boston area dealer's did get a very good oversize Farahan Saruk carpet so good things although not collectable are still coming out .
So ends one more excursion to the Brimfield shows . Not a great success but not a failure either.
Travel Day
First rain on the way into to the airport , then a 3 hour delay on take off makes for a long day.
Two trips to the east coast this year and two 3 hour delays , go figure !
Finally back.
Quiet today .
Long Beach tomorrow and out of town visitors in the afternoon.
As it has been lately not a thing in the way of a collectable rug or textile surfaced at the Long Beach fair , but for a change 2 fairly nice Persian decorative ( Bidjar & Karadja ) pieces did . Nothing to get excited about , however better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick !
11 am.
Visitor alert in effect at O.C.G.
And that's how the afternoon will end.

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