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Holy Guacamole , it's Cinco de Mayo .
First up to start the week.
Something actually worth blogging about.
Rippon Boswell's , May 31 , ” Major” spring online catalog is live now.
What we have to ponder is 243 lots of all manner of collector's items . Rugs ,textiles , kelims , you want it , we got it.
At first glance the overall selection included in this offering seems somewhat stronger than what was on last November's roster .
Maybe it's just me but I have gone through it like 5 times and that's the feeling I get. As is usual for a Rippon Boswell auction the strength is in the variety and quality of the Turkmen's in the sale .
Perhaps indicating that Turkmen's are still the most aggressively pursued items in the rug collecting world at this time .
This has been my “personal” opinion for quite awhile.
However , Persian city and tribal pieces are also particularly well represented this time around too.
For a change Caucasians seem to be a little on the weak side in this group , but this is a small matter . Here are a few items I felt were worth a mention .
2014-05-05 19.00.372014-05-06 12.04.39Lot # 54 Susani frag., pre- sale est. € 1,250 . Dated early and to my eye from the illustration very interesting.
Lot # 96 Bokhara Saf frag. Pre- sale est. € 65,000.00 . Don't need to say much as the colors and beauty of this piece speaks for itself. Unfortunately it does carry a substantial pre- sale est. which most likely indicates a stiff reserve !

2014-05-05 18.56.07

Lot # 127 The Bailey Tekke Khalyk . Pre- sale est.€ 10,000.00 . This is a published attractive , well known item . In my humble opinion the pre- sale est. is very conservative , but it is just the starting point !
My last thought on this is this , Mr Maltzahn has put together what I feel is a fairly interesting , diversified auction selection and I think it's gonna turn out pretty well for him and the Rippon- Boswell staff.

Considering there is nothing of any consequence scheduled for the next few months
this maybe the only serious opportunity till the fall .
Windy and quiet today.
No change , no activity.
Still nothing .
So as I see it other than the Freeman's and Rippon auction we are moving into the summer doldrums .
Not a thing as far as fresh rug world news at this juncture.
Mother's Day !
24 hours till Brimfield .
Keep your eye on the twitter feed , @gilchronicles for updates from the road.

The aftermath of an extravaganza always leaves you thinking , what's next ! Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , Talking Heads 77 , Psycho Killer on Talking Heads , 1977 .

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