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Here we go with one more slow start this week in a long boring line of slow starts.
So , the Bonham's April 27 Period Design sale in San Francisco that included 59 rugs and textiles is in the books . Results are posted now and for a change Bonham's did pretty well for themselves. Only 15 items failed to find buyers which works out to a sold percentage of just under 75% , much better than this variety of Bonham's of sales have done lately .
The fact that this group included quite a few entry level collector items and not the usual Bonham's mediocre decorator carpet selection might have contributed to the better than average sold percentage.
Granted this stuff was low end and most of it sold very reasonable , but as I have said in the past sold is sold and there is a considerable part of the rug collecting world that's still interested in affordable entry level collectors pieces .
One more thing.
“Fair warning” .
Bonham's has 2 more of these “Period Design” sales on the docket , the first one on May 11 in San Francisco and the next in Los Angeles on May 19 .
The S.F. sale included's 69 items and the L.A. affair features a whopping 17 pieces.2014-05-02 13.56.38As usual neither one of these offerings has anything in the way of a serious collectors item on the roster .
However , the L.A. group does include one piece , a late 19th century eagle Kazak ( lot # 8009w ) that at least looks slightly interesting , but it is Bonham's so more details would be in order before placing a bid .
The pre- sale estimate is a very reasonable $18-2,200.00 which could be a condition/ restoration red flag !
It's pathetic that this only piece worth even a mention in a whole week but what ya gonna do ?
Something that I have been thinking about lately is concerning the fate of the Christies rug dept. With the success of their last London sale but now Mr Robinson moving on to greener pastures in Dubai , how will the rug dept. fair moving forward ?
I surmise only time will tell !
He was very popular in the rug collecting and carpet business circles .
At any rate “Good Luck” to him in his future ventures.
Quiet .
Unfortunately more of the same !
Road trip !
95 degrees , big wind , traffic jams , reconnecting with old out of touch clients , great pieces but no business just yet .
Well , well what we are saddled with next is the Netherhampton rug and textile circus scheduled on May 14 in Salisbury , U.K. On this occasion the group features approx. 490 lots of every kind of rug and textile and 12 lots of carpet publications. As in their past auctions nothing in the way of a stand out piece in the sale but there are plenty of mid range items for you to peruse .
I keep hoping that one day Ms. Barrett and staff will slip up and include a good / great piece , but alas not on this particular instance .
First up today , out of town visitors .
More reconnecting with clients who have not been around lately.
Nice conversation no commerce .
Unfortunately we end the week with no fresh news so I am left with another weak blog post.
Hopefully it will be more productive next week?
7 days till Brimfield.

If “yo mama ” new the difference , she would have told you , but since she didn't you are destined to wander about the universe wondering what went wrong ! , Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , Led Zeppelin , How Many More Times on Led Zeppelin ,1969 .

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