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5/12/14 Like you think being HARDCORE is easy !!!

Travel Day .
Bumpy ride in , but no delays.
Possible weather issues on the horizon.
6 am .
Clear so far .
Action starts at 6:30.
Looks like a big opening crowd.
11 am.
Dealers Choice field .
Warmed up nicely .
Massive opening day crowd.
All exhibitor spaces are full.
Plenty of rugs around but mostly mid to low end decorative and beginner collectors pieces.
Nothing of note has surfaced yet.
Brimfield North.
Another huge opening crowd and as far as dealer's go this field was also at capacity levels .
As with the earlier field a profusion of items were available .
This time pieces more in the neighborhood of mid- range to slightly better as far as quality were available but unfortunately not an item worth mentioning showed up .
Back at it tomorrow.
6 am.
A quick pass through the New England Motel field and the usual results , nothing at all in the way of rugs or textiles .
I always question myself as to why I even go through this field but then you never know when lighting will strike and something will turn up.
Maybe next September .
All the parking lots are full so it looks like another big crowd today !
On to the next field , Heart of the Mart at 9 am.
So the field was full and there were plenty of potential buyers .
However , as far as rugs or textiles are concerned not even a good story of one that got away!
No where near the amount of items in this field in comparison to the shows yesterday.
I did notice something unusual, one of the NYC jewelry / textile dealer's that I have never seen here before was set up in this field . Sorry no names.
Last shot for today.
Hertan's field 12 noon.
One other thing worth mentioning the Netherhampton sale went off today in Salisbury , U.K. . Ms Barrett has been fairly prompt lately getting the results posted so they should be available in a day or so.
12 noon.
The field and basically Brimfield itself is packed today.
No empty dealer spaces in Hertan's field either.
Unfortunately , no better than average rugs or textiles surface.
More entry level collectors pieces , bag faces and the like , but that's about it.
I did notice a few better than mid – range American Indian items though .
As for myself I did connect with an out of town dealer just before the field opened and got an early Turkmen piece so the day was not a total loss.
Possible connections on the schedule for tomorrow and one last chance .
That' it for now.
8 am.
For a change minor pre- opening activity, Baluch.
Could be a good omen !
9 am
May's field opening.
Another large opening crowd but one thing that's different about this field from the other's is a large number of unoccupied exhibitor spaces , perhaps 15 %.
Once again quite a few rugs and textiles scattered about the show , but like the others nothing in the way of a note able collector's item emerged .
The only thing that is worth mentioning is one of the local Boston area dealer's did get a very good oversize Farahan Saruk carpet so good things although not collectable are still coming out .
So ends one more excursion to the Brimfield shows . Not a great success but not a failure either.
Travel Day
First rain on the way into to the airport , then a 3 hour delay on take off makes for a long day.
Two trips to the east coast this year and two 3 hour delays , go figure !
Finally back.
Quiet today .
Long Beach tomorrow and out of town visitors in the afternoon.
As it has been lately not a thing in the way of a collectable rug or textile surfaced at the Long Beach fair , but for a change 2 fairly nice Persian decorative ( Bidjar & Karadja ) pieces did . Nothing to get excited about , however better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick !
11 am.
Visitor alert in effect at O.C.G.
And that's how the afternoon will end.

My phrases mean everything to me but apparently nothing to you ? , Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , Kid Rock , So Hott on Rock N Roll Jesus , 2007.

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5/5/14 Knuckle headed noggin rockers streaming live!

Holy Guacamole , it's Cinco de Mayo .
First up to start the week.
Something actually worth blogging about.
Rippon Boswell's , May 31 , ” Major” spring online catalog is live now.
What we have to ponder is 243 lots of all manner of collector's items . Rugs ,textiles , kelims , you want it , we got it.
At first glance the overall selection included in this offering seems somewhat stronger than what was on last November's roster .
Maybe it's just me but I have gone through it like 5 times and that's the feeling I get. As is usual for a Rippon Boswell auction the strength is in the variety and quality of the Turkmen's in the sale .
Perhaps indicating that Turkmen's are still the most aggressively pursued items in the rug collecting world at this time .
This has been my “personal” opinion for quite awhile.
However , Persian city and tribal pieces are also particularly well represented this time around too.
For a change Caucasians seem to be a little on the weak side in this group , but this is a small matter . Here are a few items I felt were worth a mention .
2014-05-05 19.00.372014-05-06 12.04.39Lot # 54 Susani frag., pre- sale est. € 1,250 . Dated early and to my eye from the illustration very interesting.
Lot # 96 Bokhara Saf frag. Pre- sale est. € 65,000.00 . Don't need to say much as the colors and beauty of this piece speaks for itself. Unfortunately it does carry a substantial pre- sale est. which most likely indicates a stiff reserve !

2014-05-05 18.56.07

Lot # 127 The Bailey Tekke Khalyk . Pre- sale est.€ 10,000.00 . This is a published attractive , well known item . In my humble opinion the pre- sale est. is very conservative , but it is just the starting point !
My last thought on this is this , Mr Maltzahn has put together what I feel is a fairly interesting , diversified auction selection and I think it's gonna turn out pretty well for him and the Rippon- Boswell staff.

Considering there is nothing of any consequence scheduled for the next few months
this maybe the only serious opportunity till the fall .
Windy and quiet today.
No change , no activity.
Still nothing .
So as I see it other than the Freeman's and Rippon auction we are moving into the summer doldrums .
Not a thing as far as fresh rug world news at this juncture.
Mother's Day !
24 hours till Brimfield .
Keep your eye on the twitter feed , @gilchronicles for updates from the road.

The aftermath of an extravaganza always leaves you thinking , what's next ! Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , Talking Heads 77 , Psycho Killer on Talking Heads , 1977 .

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4/28/14 , Going ,Going , Don’t Return !!

Here we go with one more slow start this week in a long boring line of slow starts.
So , the Bonham's April 27 Period Design sale in San Francisco that included 59 rugs and textiles is in the books . Results are posted now and for a change Bonham's did pretty well for themselves. Only 15 items failed to find buyers which works out to a sold percentage of just under 75% , much better than this variety of Bonham's of sales have done lately .
The fact that this group included quite a few entry level collector items and not the usual Bonham's mediocre decorator carpet selection might have contributed to the better than average sold percentage.
Granted this stuff was low end and most of it sold very reasonable , but as I have said in the past sold is sold and there is a considerable part of the rug collecting world that's still interested in affordable entry level collectors pieces .
One more thing.
“Fair warning” .
Bonham's has 2 more of these “Period Design” sales on the docket , the first one on May 11 in San Francisco and the next in Los Angeles on May 19 .
The S.F. sale included's 69 items and the L.A. affair features a whopping 17 pieces.2014-05-02 13.56.38As usual neither one of these offerings has anything in the way of a serious collectors item on the roster .
However , the L.A. group does include one piece , a late 19th century eagle Kazak ( lot # 8009w ) that at least looks slightly interesting , but it is Bonham's so more details would be in order before placing a bid .
The pre- sale estimate is a very reasonable $18-2,200.00 which could be a condition/ restoration red flag !
It's pathetic that this only piece worth even a mention in a whole week but what ya gonna do ?
Something that I have been thinking about lately is concerning the fate of the Christies rug dept. With the success of their last London sale but now Mr Robinson moving on to greener pastures in Dubai , how will the rug dept. fair moving forward ?
I surmise only time will tell !
He was very popular in the rug collecting and carpet business circles .
At any rate “Good Luck” to him in his future ventures.
Quiet .
Unfortunately more of the same !
Road trip !
95 degrees , big wind , traffic jams , reconnecting with old out of touch clients , great pieces but no business just yet .
Well , well what we are saddled with next is the Netherhampton rug and textile circus scheduled on May 14 in Salisbury , U.K. On this occasion the group features approx. 490 lots of every kind of rug and textile and 12 lots of carpet publications. As in their past auctions nothing in the way of a stand out piece in the sale but there are plenty of mid range items for you to peruse .
I keep hoping that one day Ms. Barrett and staff will slip up and include a good / great piece , but alas not on this particular instance .
First up today , out of town visitors .
More reconnecting with clients who have not been around lately.
Nice conversation no commerce .
Unfortunately we end the week with no fresh news so I am left with another weak blog post.
Hopefully it will be more productive next week?
7 days till Brimfield.

If “yo mama ” new the difference , she would have told you , but since she didn't you are destined to wander about the universe wondering what went wrong ! , Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , Led Zeppelin , How Many More Times on Led Zeppelin ,1969 .

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