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From where I stand it appears we are entering a sluggish period as far as the rug business goes. Not much of any consequence to look forward to till the last past of May . We have just experienced a fairly positive “spring ” auction season with the results of the Austria Auction Co. , Sotheby's and Christie's sales. But for the time being all we are left with is dealer to dealer , or direct collector business which as you all know is subjective at best . However as I stated after coming back from NYC last Friday even though there was certainly a shortage of fresh merchandise appearing on the market still most every body I came into contact was in an upbeat mood and felt things were moving in a positive direction. As for my self I certainly agree even though that excursion was far from one of the best , consequently since it's only 3 weeks till the next trip back to the East Coast and the Brimfield fairs I still think things are rolling forward.
All that aside big changes are in the wind for O.C.G. !
Out of town visitors at O.C.G. today.
Unfortunately we are still stuck in slow period .
The C.A. Whitaker and Co. 2 day textile / Couture sale started today , so in a short period of time we should have some kind of indication of how that turned out other wise nothing else in the way of rug business news to mention .
So here we go with a “little ” fresh rug news on a sunny Sat. afternoon .
Freeman's Auction house , Phil. Pa.'s next major oriental rug spectacle is scheduled on May 21 and the online catalog is available now for your viewing pleasure.
In keeping with their usual M.O. the sale consist of 169 lots of mostly run of the mill low end left over dealer type merchandise.
Nevertheless on this occasion Freeman's threw a curve and somehow included one late but scarce collectable Caucasian prayer rug.
Lot # 768 Borchalu Kazak prayer , with a very reasonable pre- sale est. of $3-5,000.00 . Not the oldest piece in the world for sure but if this rug is not over restored it could nice .
Note plate # 11 , Tschebull , Kazak.
One wonders how in a sea of mediocrity this piece floated to the surface ?
O yes , every dog has its day !
The end of another none eventful week in rugdumb.
Not to worry , interesting things on the horizon.

Unbelievable circumstances present themselves at the most in opportune times , always be aware ! , Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , Red Dragon Cartel , Deceived on Red Dragon Cartel , 2014 .

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