Rapistan Review

Preparations , nothing but preparations !
Tax day and travel day.
Can it get any better ?
No but it can certainly get worse .
4 hour delay on take off , weather .
Rain and possible light snow ,
Yep it got better !
So it's Passover and half the market in missing in action.
Should be a full house tomorrow.
Still a few opportunities presented themselves so it's a positive partial day.
Everybody I spoke with today was in a good mood but felt business was slow because not much in the way of fresh merchandise was turning up.
However they were all optimistic after the positive results from the last few major carpet auctions.
Sometimes things just don't work out the way you think they will and this was one of those times. Not enough in the way of fresh merchandise and what was available just did not look as good on second glance as i did the first time so back to Cali.and the proverbial drawing board.
No harm no foul.
Travel day.
Good Friday.
More airport delays .
Finally back in the O.C.
In the midst of a holiday weekend absolutely nothing in the works .
The only thing to look forward to is the April edition of the Long Beach Antique fair .
Nothing much in the way of rugs or textiles turned up at Long Beach fair today , since it's Easter this is to be expected !
To end on a positive note though , one fresh piece of rug news for your Easter Sunday pleasure .

Rug tracker.com has a new post up entitled ” Leaves of Grass ” .
It discuss's the Serrated Leaf Lattice design .
Check it out .
Once again , good work , J.T.

That's it for slow week but after all the auction activity of late a slow period is to be expected .
Enjoy a Metal , Easter !

What comes around goes around and more often then not may never ever come back again ! , Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , Accept , Stalingrad on Stalingrad , 2012 .

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