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Like I figured an uneventful start to the new week.
Short road trip , estate sale , moderate score .
LARTA is under way in London and first reports are some activity but unfortunately not enough. Not much in the way of fresh faces.
One small piece of news in this very slow week.
C.A.Whitaker + Co. of New Hope ,Pa. have another one of their Vintage couture / textile sales scheduled on April 25-26 . Not much in the the way of oriental rugs , just 5 pieces but plenty of assorted textiles of all types. If this is your cup of tea check it out you may find something up your alley.
Still quiet !
Out of town visitors and commerce at O.C.G. today .
7 days till NYC .
Back to the auction action on the morrow.
First up today out of town visitors.
Next on the plate , results from Bonham's , “Islamic and Indian Art” sale .
I am sure that as far as the rugs / textiles were concerned in this offering it did not get close to working out the way the Bonham's staff hoped it would .
Out of the 25 rugs offered in the sale only 8 sold ( 32% ) , as for the textiles ,11 offered 3 sold and not even one of the 4 Susani's listed found a buyer .
The one star lot they featured , # 216w , Mughal fragment . Pre- sale est. £ 35-40,000.00 did find a buyer at £ 40,000.00 including comm.
Certainly a substantial price a for fragment .
Nevertheless an exceptionally good one , in a what was a very weak rug / textile offering from the Bonham's rug dept. in an Islamic week sale !
Back to the drawing board for the staff perhaps and I suppose better luck next time .
Now for a much more positive piece of rugs news , the results from Christie's major rug auction.
This group included 145 lots of rugs , carpets and textiles and the outcome was the polar opposite of the the debacle at Bonham's .
145 lots were put under the hammer and only 31 failed to find new homes. Which works out to a sold percentage right at 78%. More in line with out come of the Sotheby's sale last Jan. 31.
However one thing worth noting in comparison to the Bonham's outcome .The Christie's selection was far superior to the their offering . It certainly backs up this observation , if you want good results offer better items and success will follow .
To substantiate this point of view , please note these few “classic carpets ” , which sold for well over there pre-sale estimates.
Lot # 13 , the Bernheimer column prayer rug . Pre- sale est. £ 50-80,000 ,sold for £116,500.00 including comm.
Lot # 20 , Mamluk carpet .Pre-sale est. £ 250-350,000 , sold for £ 782,500.00 including comm.
Lot # 22 , The Dirksen Cairene carpet. Pre- sale est. £ 150- 200,000 , sold for £ 482,500 including comm.
Lot # 96 Ushak carpet . Pre- sale est. £ 40-60,000 , sold for £ 230,500.00 including comm.
Yes , I am aware that these are exceptional and expensive examples but most all the more affordable pieces in the Christies sale brought fairly good prices for their consigner's too.
The 2 items I featured in an earlier post both found buyers. .
Lot # 8 the Berheimer Beshire prayer rug . Pre- sale est. £ 5-7,000 , sold £15,000.00 including comm. Far above the estimate but I still feel it was a good value for who ever ended up with it .
Lot # 90 Tekke Bird Asmalyk . Pre- sale est. £ 20-30,000 , sold for £ 56,250.00 including comm. In line with the piece at Sotheby's but in my opinion a vastly more desirable item.
All in all a very commendable outcome for Mr Robinson and the Christies staff.
Congrats , to you all !
Sotheby's , “Arts of the Islamic World ” is in the books now and the results were modest at best for them this time around . Out of the 35 rugs put on the block only 18 found buyers. A sold percentage of just over 52 %. Unfortunately not a thing at all as far as the results go worth getting excited about .
However as i stated in a previous post it was an unexciting group , especially in contrast to the Christie's selection the day before which contributed to it turning out the way it did.
The few textiles offered in the sale did not fair any better either. All in all a mediocre showing for Sotheby's from a rug and textile point of view.
As for the 2 lots I featured I a previous post they both sold and did quite well at that . A major plus in a minor production.
Lot # 210 , Bakshaish landscape carpet . Pre- sale est. £ 25-35,000.00 sold for £ 52,500.00 including comm. This type of carpet has always been popular and the price it commanded shows they still are .
Lot # 229 Khorassan carpet frag. Pre- sale est. £6-8,000 sold for £ 37,500.00 including com. I felt this was the best and most interesting piece in the sale ,I guess someone else thought so too .
Unfortunately 2 very successful lots does not an important offering make !
So get inspired and try a little harder next time gang and maybe you will have better Luck !
And so here we go with the last of the London Islamic week sales.
Christies ” Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds ” has just wrapped up and it was a decent turn of events for them . Like I said before this was not a sale that featured rugs but did include 6 early Islamic textiles . Unfortunately for the Christies textile dept. only 3 out of the 6 found buyers .
Right down the middle as far as a sold percentage goes and only Lot # 200 Silk Embroidered Textile showed any spark in the upside surprise department . Selling for £ 17,500 against a pre-sale est. of £ 8-12, 000 . Nice for the consigner but not close to earth shaking .
The one lot I featured in a previous post did find a buyer but but at the low end of the expectations .
Lot # 201 , Silk Embroidered Bohca . Pre- sale est. £ 20-30,000 , sold for £ 22,500.00 . Hardly what the consigner hoped for but sold is sold .
Bonham's , San Francisco has announced another one one of there “Period Design” sales which includes 59 lots of rugs and textiles and is scheduled on April 27th . As is their M.O. a very mediocre selection but this time around they have a group of mid to low end tribal pieces in the sale . Unfortunately nothing is included that would qualify as a serious collectors type piece. That said the items do have realistic pre- sale estimates so if your a bargain hunter this could be an opportunity for you.
After all the auction activity this month this is more or less a foot note but if your interested in affordable items it's worth your time to take a quick look.
One caveat ,a lot of this stuff seems familiar to the So.Cal market ?
Tomorrow the Rosebowl fair and I expect to see a few out of town visitors .
Another action less Rosebowl fair but out of town visitors did materialize so some catching up was in order.
Other than that quiet.

Happy B – Day , Guy Fawkes , 4-13-1570 , !!!

24 hrs till NYC !

Bullets , tears and the long road to oblivion in the crawl space of your mind ? , Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , W.A.S.P. , The Torture Never Stops on W.A.S.P. , 1984 .

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