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The Irish eyes are on us today .
Earth quakes and taxes on the agenda .
That's all she wrote for now.
30 days till NYC.
Out of town visitors .
The Bonham's L.A. Sale just finished up and I am not sure where to start with this but here we go . Out of the 277 total lots offered up only 90 found buyers. A sold percentage of just over 32%. This is as far from a successful out come as you can get.2014-03-19 12.40.01Like I stated in an earlier post this in my opinion was nothing more than a dealer merchandise sale . The only thing that brought any real money were L.A. style room size decorative carpets. There were things sold in this sale you could not give away in another sales room !
And for good prices too. I don't get it at all.
Witness lot # 2275 Chinese metal and silk rug , circa 1900 , 4'10″ x 7'9″. Pre-sale est. $6-9,000.00 , sold for $27,500.00 including comm. So I guess even this offering had a taste of the ever sought after upside surprise ! I never thought this type of rug could bring this sort of return , but as I have said in past posts it's not where you start it's where you finish and auctions will be auctions.
Leaves you wondering who's paying for these things !
W.C. Fields once said ,there's a S….r born every minute !
A few commerce opportunities in the works but fresh news is stalled for the moment .
O K , so Happy Persian New Year – Nowruz !!

Well J.T. at rugtracker.com has been busy lately .
Hardly a month has gone by and there's a new post available for your viewing enjoyment . Titled , A group of 18th Century Caucasian Lotus- Palmette Carpets . Not as monumental as the last post on Star Kazaks , it still shows the man is on the job.
Gracis , J.T.

A small piece of fresh rug news on this finally a Friday .
The Leclere auction house of Marseille , France has a sale scheduled on March 27 that features a small selection of oriental carpets and a couple of them are somewhat notable . The whole group only consist of only 8 items but no worries, it's worth your time to take a look . This the first offering by the Leclere rug dept. It's a small but impressive start so good luck to them.
2014-03-21 11.43.322014-03-21 11.47.28
Lot # 1 Star Kazak , pre- sale est. € 3-5,000.00 . This seems to be a very realistic starting point for this carpet. Rough condition but a legit piece that was pretty good at one time . It's also included in the rugtracker.com post , A Star- Kazak Atlas .
Lot # 7 Shield Carpet , pre – sale est. $ € 25-35,000.00 . Scarce , but not in the best condition however it should create some interest .

Holy Skinner's day .
Let the battle begin !
Plenty of competition , please !!!
In session now and things seem to be moving.
Well the sale just wrapped up and for all intensive purposes L.K. and crew did fairly well for themselves on their first excursion into the auction arena. Out of the 281 lots put under the hammer only 57 failed to find new homes. A sold percent of just over 80 % , not bad , not bad at all. As I stated earlier nothing in the way of barn burners in the group but a nice well rounded selection of items . Something that may have contributed to the success of the sale was keeping the pre- sale estimates down for the most part and backing off on loading the up the sale with pieces that may have been over restored in Turkey.
One thing to note .
A few of the better collectors pieces ( lot #'s 101 , 104 ,105 and 158 ) did very well for the consigners . Fortunately they DID have realistic pre- sale estimates and reasonable reserves which did not put off potential buyers .
Unfortunately the cover lot did not fall into this category.
Lot # 145 Yomut Asmalyk , pre- sale est. $12-15,000. failed to find a buyer. The aggressive pre- sale estimate certainly may have had sometime to do with it not selling . This is no surprise as the piece was very LATE and had been run through the auction mill already just this last year !
As for the 2 lots I featured in an earlier post both sold.
Lot # 68 Quashgai kelim , pre- sale est. $ 7-900.00 sold for $ 1599.00 including comm. In my opinion this kelim had very good graphics and colors.
Lot # 94 Bukhara Susani ? Pre- sale est. $ 4- 6,000.00 sold for $ 5,843.00 including comm. This looked like it might be a pretty good deal for someone out there.
At this point it looks like Skinner's made a savvy move hiring Mr Kearny to handle their rug dept.
So O K , L.K. , kudos to you on your start , now keep the ball rolling in a positive direction !!
Morning road trip .
Back at O.C.G.
Nothing to report ,that's it for this week !

Where as we find these truths to be self evident the rug business is going all polar directions at the same time ! Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , Dark Tranquility , The Science of Noise on Construct , 2013.

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