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All signs point to a minor up turn in the overall interest in oriental rugs , collecting and the rug business in general . The results of all the auctions lately and the chatter amongst dealers / collectors has all been positive up to this point. Not much in the way of negative grumbling at all. Is this a phantom occurrence or a real step forward ? To soon to tell at this point . However anything positive is welcome even if it's short lived !
Here's hoping !
Plenty of possible commerce but nothing so far this week concerning any fresh rug business news. This is sure to change shortly.
While waiting for something of interest to happen I went through the Schuler Auction in Zurich , Swit. on Mar. 26 and it's what I thought it would be . Another European “rug dealer type merchandise ” general sale. Not a thing to get excited about . The sale includes 132 lots of mostly good cond. “European taste” late rugs and textiles , think Bonham's L.A. in the U.S.2014-03-11 13.25.35
To throw these guys a bone for their effort I found one piece that was in my opinion at least moderately interesting.
Lot # 594 Zakatala . Pre- sale est. € 1170-1500. First decent one of these I have come across lately. Nice square size . Used to be plenty of these around , not so much these days.
This day is a snooze .
Business but no fresh rug Biz news.
However be ready for plenty of action this weekend.
Happy pi day !!
On April 10 Christies , London has an Islamic week sale titled , “Art of the Islamic and Indian World ” on the docket. The group includes all kinds of Islamic objects but nothing in the way of oriental rugs .2014-03-14 12.58.22However , the reason I mention this sale is because it does feature 6 early and desirable Islamic textiles .
One I thought was particularly good is listed below.
Lot # 201 Silk Embroidered Bohca , 17th century , pre- sale est. £ 20 – 30,000.00. If you like this type of weaving its worth your time to check this one out. I
The second Austria Auction Co.auction is live online now and so far it looks like Udo and crew are doing reasonably well for themselves.
I have been following this for about an hour now and it appears the pieces that are selling are bring prices for the most part that are in the neighborhood of their pre-sale estimates. I have not seen any upside surprises yet.
O K here you go with a little action.
One of the most talked about lots in the sale # 169 Azerbaijan Cpt. pre- sale est. € 15-20,000.00 just sold for € 34,000.00. Well over its pre- sale estimate and one of the only lots with any real serious upside surprise . A good , early piece but in poor condition .
The other being lot # 29 Lotto ,pre- sale est. € 12-15,000.00 , sold for € 24,000.00.
This piece appeared a little strange to me ?
The piece in the sale with the most aggressive pre- sale est. € 50-70,000.00 , lot # 89 Salor Kappunuk did not find a buyer . Late – ish looking in the illustration ?
So the sale has now concluded and out of the 236 items put under the hammer 146 found new homes . A sold percentage of about 62%. One thing I did notice about the whole sale in general , the fresher looking items were the bulk of the unsold lots.
The previous sale in Sept had a sold percentage of 67% . A little better but still in the same ballpark.
I guess you could say Udo and staff pulled off another reasonably successful sale , so congrats to you !!
As for the piece I featured in an earlier post lot # 108 , Karapinar frag., pre-sale est. € 5-7,000.00. It found a buyer at € 6,500.00 , right in the middle of the estimate .
A trip to the Long Beach Antique fair is first up this morning.
I expect to so see out of town visitors again today.
I did see a few out of towner's but once again no action.
So another week passes under the bridge of time !
No fear a fresh week on the morrow.

An incursion into the inner space of the soul of man can at certain times also unleash the beast in said man ! Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , Newsted , …As the Crow Flies on Heavy Metal Music , 2013 .

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