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No rain but no activity so far either.
Quiet today , action on the agenda for tomorrow.
First up today.
. The Netherhampton spectacle went off over night in Salisbury , U.K. and as usual no indications on how it turned out yet. They have however been posting the results in a more timely fashion lately but a short wait is still the order of the day.
Plenty more auction activity scheduled for tomorrow too.
Hot off the press .
Results from yesterday's Netherhampton sale .
Out of the 568 lots put under the hammer a total of 325 ended up selling . Works out to a sold percentage of about 57%. Decent but far from a rousing success. The results of this sale were inline with their previous Dec. 2013 outing that featured 600 lots and 230 went unsold with a sold percent of 62 % . The Dec. sale was a little better but still in the same ball park.
One other thing worth noting about this sale, out of all the items in the offering only 9 pieces brought £ 1,000.00 or more. Like I said nothing to get excited over.
As for the “top ” lot of the sale , lot # 1753 , early textile frag. pre- sale est. £5-8,000.00 it ended up selling for £5,000.00 . Hardly a big deal.
Concerning the 9 lots of Turkmen tent band fragment apparently none of them were particularly special.
The one lot I did feature in an earlier post , lot # 1571 , Mashed zodiac carpet ,pre-sale est. £ 6-800 sold for £ 3,000.00 . The second highest price in the sale and for sure one of the high lights.
In the end I suppose it was a pleasant turn of events for Ms. Barrett and crew.
The Sotheby's , Stanley G. Seeger ( collector extraordinaire ) 2 day sale has just wrapped up and it was a very successful venture to say the least . Pretty much everything offered in this 1,000 lot sale found a buyer. Total take for the group was about .£ 7.34 million pounds .
As for the rugs in the sale all but one , a Chinese carpet (lot #381) found takers and for the most part they all sold far over their pre- sale estimates.
The 2 major pieces in the rug dept. that I mentioned in a previous post , both arts and crafts carpets brought prices well above their pre- sale estimates
Lot # 576 , Donnemara Donagal carpet , pre- sale est. £ 15-20,000.00 sold for £ 43,750.00. Including comm. Looks like the market for this type of carpet is still alive and kickin!
Lot # 851 , William Morris , Hammersmith carpet , pre- sale est. 18-25,000.00 sold for £ 40,000.00.Same group same result.
Like I stated in the earlier post the oriental rug portion was over weighted with Tibetan pieces and they all brought very good prices .
Regarding the 3 lots I featured in the earlier post they also did very well for Mr Seegers estate.
Lot # 295 , pair Sumak bags . Pre-sale est. £ 4-800.00 sold for £ 1,625.00 including comm. With such a low estimate this certainly no surprise.
Lot # 296 , Kurd bag face. Pre- sale est. £ 3-500.00 sold £ 1,000.00 . The illustration told the story on this one . Very good drawing.
Lot # 407 , Silk ikat . Pre- sale est. £ 8-1,200.00 sold for £ 2,750.00. Miss labeled in the catalog however the market rarely misses anything so the price was warranted. Another winner for Sotheby's abet this time in London .
Kudos . Keep the ball Rollin , please.
Just when you thought enough is enough with the rug auction action Christies announces the spring major rug auction . Scheduled on April 8 in the London salesroom this group features just 145 lots of rugs and 2 early rug books this time around . Following Sotheby's foot steps the offering includes a few pieces from name collections . Not quite as interesting as the Sotheby's sale but still a noteworthy group.
Listed below are a couple of pieces that peeked my interest.
2014-03-07 15.22.412014-03-07 15.28.43

Lot number 8 . The Bernheimer Beshire prayer rug . Pre- sale est. a very reasonable £ 5-7,000.00 . Not the best condition bur rare , published many times and scarce. Considering the price the Christies Beshire prayer rug ( Lot # 72 , £ 25,000.00 ) brought on Oct. 8 , 2013 the starting point on this rug is very attractive but as always it's not where you start it IS where you end up !
Personally I have always really liked this particular prayer rug.
Lot # 90 ,Tekke Bird Asmalyk . Pre- sale est. £ 20- 30,000.00 . In comparison the Sotheby's example , Animal – Tree Asmalyk in their last sale lot # 82 ,pre- sale est. $40-60,000.00 sold for $100,000.00. So this is a very realistic point of entry but again its where you end up.
And the hits keep coming again !
The Nagel Auktion Haus , Stuttgart , Germany has joined the party with their next rug ,carpet and ethnic art sale scheduled on March 25. The rug portion of this offering includes 213 items .
Well i have run through this catalog a few times now and am not particularly impressed by group. There are only a few above average pieces included this time around . To my eye most of the rugs and various textiles in the sale are mid – range dealer stock type pieces . I will say one thing about this sale , my opinion is they kept the pre- sale estimates for the most part on the realistic side so there maybe some reasonable buying opportunities !2014-03-07 15.31.37 The one truly notable collectors piece is lot # 34 , the Bidder Khotan mat . Pre- sale estimate € 30- 50,000.00 . By no means an inexpensive starting point but I have always felt this was a very desirable piece .
All in all a decent but far from great selection , but still worth a look.
First up today the monthly trip to the Rosebowl fair .
Out of town faces show up today .
Sotheby's , London's , “Arts of the Islamic World ” auction catalog is live online for your viewing enjoyment now. The sale is listed on the calendar on April 9 this year. Not a big deal as far as the rug potion of the session goes because there are only 36 pieces in the sale . Unfortunately not a thing in the way of a real earth shaker in this group just some nice pieces.
A couple of items that caught my eye are listed below .
2014-03-08 13.48.142014-03-08 13.50.48
Lot # 210 . Bakshaish landscape rug , pre- sale est. £ 25-35.000.00 . These used to be very popular , so let's just see how this one fairs.
Lot # 229 Khorassan Frag. Pre-sale est. £ 6-8,000.00 . The most interesting piece in the group in my opinion.

Until next week , Via Con Dios !

Great Expectations , but nothing to show for it ? , Sheik Frederich , 2014.

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