Rapistan Review

Happy B-day , Steve . We remember !tuesday 1002014-03-01 11.44.20
Lot # 68 Qashgai Kilim ,pre-sale est. $7-900.00 . Good cond. and great visual appeal .
Lot # 94 Buhkara Susani , pre-sale est. $ 4-6,000. Seems reasonable but the listed water marks could be a problem.
Still scarce ?
Still raining and it's certainly having an impact on business in So Cal .
Last and certainly least Bonham's , L.A . has a sale on the docket on March 18 featuring 277 rugs and carpets. Unfortunately unless your a commercial dealer or decorator this sale is not for you. Not even one half a**ed collectors item in the whole sale !
Nuff said !
So what does the rug world have to look forward to in the month of of March you ask . Nothing less than 6 auctions featuring hundreds of rugs and textiles . That should keep all collector types busy tracking all this “great stuff ” .
Still raining !

Making something out of nothing is not that easy , if you think it is go ahead give it a try . Let's just see how you do ! Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , Iced Earth , Frankenstein on Horror Show , 2001.

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