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Presidents Day in the U.SA.
Another holiday so not much happening .
One minor thing worth a line or two.
Butterscotch Auction Gallery , Pound Ridge , N.Y. held a sale yesterday that featured a hand full of oriental rugs and the group included a pair of possibly interesting sumak bags.2014-02-17 15.52.482014-02-17 15.55.47 Lot # 411, pre- sale estimate a very reasonable $1-1,600.00 . In the illustrations they appear to be in decent condition and acceptable quality . They ended up selling for $ 1,900.00 plus 20% comm. If the colors are all good it could be a fairly profitable purchase for someone out there.

Last mention for today but certainly not the least.
Rugtracker.com has a new post . A Star-Kazak Atlas .
If you have an interest in this group of Kazaks you gotta check this post out !
Very complete .
Well done J.T. !

Here we go with the next Netherhampton spectacle .
Scheduled on March 5 at their Salisbury Salesrooms this offering includes approximately 568 lots of rugs , carpets and various textile entries. As usual nothing special in the group mostly just run of the mill low end items. Once again the sale is over loaded with ordinary Turkmen pieces however there are 9 lots of pile tent band fragments and because the illustrations in the online catalog are of such poor quality it's difficult to tell if any of them are any good. If you can make it to the sale they definitely are worth checking out.2014-02-17 15.59.31
One lot that I did think was sort of bizarre and worth mention was lot # 1571. Cataloged as Mashed Zodiac rug , early 20 . Pre-sale est.£ 6-800.00 .
Hardly important and something of an oddity , but still not a carpet you come across every day!
Quiet !
Still motionless .
Nothing much in the way of rug world news the last few days and it looks like is gonna stay that way till Sunday and the upcoming Grogan auction in Dedham Ma. Not a big deal as far as rugs and carpets go but better than nothing. Looks like the weather is going to play ball for those who can attend the sale in person .
Yes , the east coast crew needs a break from all the snow .
Business continues to move in a positive direction at O.C.G.
Saturday quiet Saturday !
Silence today .
No electricity at O.C.G. Line restoration .
The Grogan sale is now in progress , let's just see how that turns out.
As usual the rugs and carpets are at the tail end of the sale .
Update 9:20. PM east coast time.
The sale has just finished up and out of the 77 lots put under the hammer only 2 failed to find new homes. A sold percentage of about 97 %. As one would expect Persian city carpets brought the strongest prices. This was far from an important offering and the merchandise was more or less mid range but some of the pieces brought very good prices so Mr Grogan and crew deserve a hand shake and a hi -0 for a job well done .
Concerning the 23 lots from the Grover Schiltz coll. only one failed to sell. Nice for the estate .
As for the 2 lots i featured in a earlier post .
Lot # 869 Susani frag. Pre- sale est. $ 5-800 .00 . Sold for $1,200.00 + comm.
Lot # 871 Persian kelim . Pre- sale est. $3-500.00 .Sold for $500.00.+ comm.
End of a long day for M.G.and staff.
From all appearances looks like the east coast rug market is still alive and kickin !!
That's all for now.
Update 11:30 East Coast time.
Dale Jr. wins Daytona 500
Can it get any better than this ?????

Sometimes tradition sparks reality fights ? Sheik Frederich ,2014.

Song o the week , The Electric Prunes , I Had To Much To Dream on The Electric Prunes , 1967 .

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