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Like most of the fresh weeks lately we are off to a slow start . Business continues at O.C.G. but nothing in the way of current rug news to blog about .
Quiet !
One relatively minor thing to mention today.
Materialculture of Philadelphia Pa.has an auction ( The collectors Eye ) scheduled on Feb. 25 that included's about 143 lots of various rugs and flat weaves from many weaving areas .
That sale name seems to be very popular with the auctioneers lately !
This particular group is loaded with mediocre Tibetan rugs and the rest of the carpets are somewhat run of the mill too. There are also a large number of tribal textiles from all around the world. Nothing to get excited about as there is not one serious collectors item in the whole group but if your a bargain hunter or on a budget have a look you might find something.
The next sale hosted by Austria Auction Co. on March 15 is live on line now. This time around the production consist of 236 total lots of rugs carpets and textiles . After going through the complete listing I found it to be similar to the last sale as far as selection and quality . No real stand out items just a decent all around group. Plenty of Turkmen's but nothing that's really special to my eye . Good but not great .2014-02-15 12.36.21
One lot I thought was at least uncommon and interesting is listed below.
Lot # 108 Karapinar fragment . Pre- sale est. € 5-7,000.00 . Certainly not inexpensive as far as the estimate goes but if it's as good in person who knows ?
Valentines Day . What can you say . Everybody is taking the day off in the O.C. That's right , they are all on the freeway . In So Cal it figures.
Just to make sure I took another stroll through the Austria Auction Co. listing and will stick with my first impression . Still good but not great. Again no stand outs but plenty of better items certainly worth your time to take a look.
With the lack of fresh things turning up in the market the on going bad weather on the eastern half of U.S. is for sure a contributing factor !
Tomorrow the Long Beach fair in the morning then out of town visitors at O.C.G.
No action at Long Beach this morning but I did run into a couple of rug dealers from New England out here to try their luck and escape the ice and snow .
Next up visitors and unexpected commerce too.
So this closes out a fairly slow week but it appears things are gonna pick back up in the next 10 days or so.

Don't rush to judgement it always ends up biting you in the posterior ! Sheik Frederich , 2014

Song o the week , Bruce Dickinson , Road to Hell on Alive , 2005.

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