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After all the action at the end of last week it figures we would be of to a slow start this week . Nothing new to blog about so far.
Here we go with a small piece of fresh news.
A new issue of the “carpet COLLECTOR ” magazine is available now. Check out the hard copy issue or the one online when you can .
More Sotheby's news although nothing on the scale of last weeks sale . This time around we have , ” The Private Coll. Of of the late Stanley J.Seeger ” at the London Sotheby's auction room on Mar. 5 – 6 . I am not sure who he was but he had a lot of items including at least 60 + rugs carpets and textiles. The total lot count of the group is 1000 items and includes many categories of ethnic art.Nothing in the way of great collectors items in the rug dept. but a few slightly interesting pieces .
Concerning the rugs and textiles included in the sale it is over loaded on the Tibetan side but there's plenty of other pieces from various weaving areas too . From a general ethnic art collecting stand point it's certainly worth your time to take a look.
As far as the carpet portion of the sale goes the two Important entries are Arts and Crafts carpets which are listed below.
Lot # 576 , a an Irish Donagal carpet , “The Donnemara carpet” . Pre- sale est. £ 15 – 20,000.00 . Not my cup of tea , but it looks good and these used to very popular .
Lot # 851 , William Morris – Hammersmith Carpet . Pre- sale estimate £ 18- 25,000.00 . Again not my field but nice.
I did notice a few mid-range collector pieces that could be of interest.
2014-02-05 16.54.362014-02-05 16.57.082014-02-05 16.51.47Lot 295 , Pair of Sumak bags , pre- sale est. £ 4-800.00 . Common design but if the colors are as good in person as in the illustrations who knows ? Lot # 296 Kurd bag face , pre- sale est. € 3-500.00 . Looks much better than the usual pieces that turn up.
Lot # 407 , Silk Ikat , pre- sale £ 8-1200.00 . More colorful than the pieces you usually see in shows and at auction with a very realistic opening estimate . The pre-sale estimates are very conservative however it's not where you start it's where you end up !
Fresh Gilmorechronicles Gallery post live now , check it out.
Quiet today.
Opening night festivities at the Caskey – Lees Tribal Arts Show this evening , let's just see how that turns out !
The online catalog for the next Dorotheum rug and carpet auction scheduled on Feb. 25 in Vienna , Austria is available now. This time around its a somewhat smaller offering including just 185 total lots. Nothing in the way of barn burners as far as I can see. The sale seems a little on the weak side in comparison to the quality of their their last couple of sales .
It appears that they decided to abstain from including better items with very high pre-sale estimates and high reserves .
A smart move in my opinion .
Out of the whole group I only found one piece I felt worth mentioning .2014-02-06 14.35.06
Lot number 67 , Tekke torba , with original back . Nice but nothing to get excited about. Pre-sale estimate € 3,8- u4,500.00.
All in all not a great production but it's not terrible either . If you have time it's worth a look.
First reports from the Caskey – Lees are coming in and it looks like they had a good preview night crowd . However some of the “big names” in the rug world failed to make an appearance .
Could it be total rug saturation after the Sotheby's sale last week ?
I also thought that seeing the list of exhibitors on the Caskey – Lees website there would be say 10 primarily rug / textile dealers also but it looks only 7 or so showed up.
Small matter , apparently nothing in the way of fresh interesting pieces were spotted at the show anyway , many nice pieces but nothing to get excited over.
Only 4-5 dealers were set up at the Capri Motel so the satellite show was somewhat grounded this year too. OK , so better luck next time .
Quiet once more !
Rosebowl this morning .
Short road trip.
Out of town visitors this afternoon with no electricity !

You might be wondering what I am wondering when in fact I am wondering about wondering where I am wandering in the future , why wandering forward of course ! , Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , Curtis Mayfield , Superfly on the Superfly sound track , 1972 .

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